Making A Breakup

  You know how people talk about “food & wine pairings”?? Well, I think I’ve accidentally hit on an excellent “Netflix & Internet time waster” pairing.   Netflix’s Making A Murderer, and The Cut’s “Both Sides of a Breakup” series.   After being beyond busy for months, I’ve finally found time to sit down and watch[…]

The Glow Up

  Every time I sat down to write about The Glow Up, I felt inadequate. Like, I hadn’t glowed-up enough.   A Glow Up, if we are to believe popular culture, is when one transforms into a better version of themselves. Ask Mary J. Blige! A Glow Up is imperative after a[…]

SECRETS REVEALED! Why Living In NYC Is *Actually* The Best, For Real

  Pommes Frites will let you taste their sauces before you buy. I’m telling you, their Curry Ketchup is phenomenal! But you don’t have to believe me, just ask them to taste a sample!   We have Central Park. And you don’t.   Nothing is embarrassing here. Everybody lives stacked on top[…]