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  • 5 Parts of The Met that You Can’t Miss!

    5 Parts of The Met that You Can’t Miss!

      If you’re a New Yorker, you go to The Met. It’s what you do.  I’ve been thinking about The Met and I’ve decided that The Met is like, Church for New Yorkers. If you live in New York, you should go to The Met if not every week, then at least twice a year…

  • MoMA Alone

    MoMA Alone

      So I’ve long been a proponent of “dating yourself.” Like, you know, taking yourself out on dates to reinvest in your relationship with yourself? Okay, that sounds a bit bizarre and selfish and self-indulgent. Why not go with somebody else? Why do it alone? Well…. Aren’t you worth it? Why don’t you deserve to enjoy a solo lunch, or movie,…