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  • MAYO MIXES: Should We? Why DID We?

    MAYO MIXES: Should We? Why DID We?

      You know mayonnaise is a huge part of my #personal brand. It’s all about the THREE M’S: Mayonnaise. Murder. and… Manhattan? I think. Yeah. Good intro.   So I just saw that Heinz — the ketchup company — has introduced these two new “mayo mixes” to the market: MayoMust (which is a combination of…

  • Grilled Cheese and Tomato

    Grilled Cheese and Tomato

      Let’s get first things first: I am a diner gal. I loooove a good diner. I feel reeeeal comfortable in a vinyl booth, with a laminated menu in my hands, stacking up little jelly pots and creamer pods.   I came of age in diners. I think many of you did, also. There was a Denny’s…