New York, I ❤️ You (And You ❤️ Me Back)

  Guys, let me tell you about the New Jersey Turnpike.   See, you never really know how much you love something until you lose it. This was how I realized I was stanning Sasha Velour in season 9: when it looked like she might be in danger of having[…]

There’s A Place For Us… ? Somewhere ?

  Guess what? I guest-starred on a podcast!   Yes, AGAIN.   My friends at Did You Hear The One…? had me back to tell a LONGER story with A LOT MORE SWEARING!   I told a story about one-night stands, puke, and my favorite thing of all: NEW YORK.[…]

God Is Punishing Me… With Puke

Let’s back this thing up.   Over Christmas, you may recall, I found myself vomiting and suffering in the absolute extreme. I thought maybe it was a flu? Or a fluke. One of the two. It wasn’t the first time in my 32-year existence that I’ve been majorly ill on[…]