True Crime Meets Truly Funny: American Vandal

  I don’t know who recommended this show to me (I think I saw glowing reviews on Twitter?) , but it is AWESOME. American Vandal is Serial (the podcast) meets 90210, Making a Murderer meets Christopher Guest movies.   The editing & score are a perfect parody of Making A Murderer. The narration’s tone and timbre perfectly mocks[…]

Will The Real Comedian Please *NOT* Stand Up?

  My least favorite part of the movie where the comedian plays a comedian is the part where they do comedy.   For example: Obvious Child. Sleepwalk With Me. The Big Sick. All movies —and there are many more — where a Known Comedian™ plays a comedian in their movie.   To be fair,[…]

New True Crime Faves

  Ok ok ok you know I’ve devoured every true crime podcast and true crime documentary I can get my hands on, and I’m always on the lookout for FRESH MEAT to sink my maudlin teeth into. And boy, have I got some DOOZIES for you today! It’s Wednesday, and[…]

My Favorite True Crime Documentaries

  True Crime Documentaries are all the rage! I don’t need to tell you that the genre has become increasingly popular, but not all true crime documentaries are created equal. I’ve watched COUNTLESS documentaries (all for you!) and I’ve determined that the best true crime documentaries are those that keep feeding you a[…]

My Little Problem With The Big Sick

  So the other day, I watched the romantic comedy The Big Sick! I’d been wanting to see this movie for a long time, basically since it first came out and was immediately heralded by critics. Now, if you know anything about the movie, you know that it’s the true story of the early[…]

The Safety Blanket

  Did you have a “safety blanket” when you were a kid?   How about now?   I have a theory about those little things we always return to when things get tough. The favorite book we’ve read over and over, even when our TBR pile is towering. The movie we[…]

Why Is This Channing Tatum News So Sexy?

  I watched Magic Mike. It was on Netflix and I felt like it was an “important” film to see. It represented a moment in time in our culture and I wasn’t even excited about the naked men at all.  Honestly, I didn’t find the film sexy in the least. No, really!  The[…]

I Can Be Your Hero, Baby

In 2016, I applied for literally every job under the sun. I only got one of those jobs, but that’s because THIS job hadn’t been made available yet. And speaking of “under the sun,” it involves outer space.   NASA is hiring a Planetary Protection Officer. Someone to protect the world from[…]

Netflix Recommendations, via Venn Diagram

With the plethora of new shows on Netflix, it can be daunting to pick a series you’ve never heard of, and commit to watching all 6-8 episodes of a show. How do you know you’re going to like it? That’s where I come in. I am a connoisseur of television. That’s[…]

Super Non-Glamorous Pajama-Clad Life Update

So… I have a bunch of awesome blog posts coming up soon. I swear! I spent all this time over the weekend having IDEAS! And starting DRAFTS! With great CONTENT! And then today, I woke up to drizzly grey skies & I just. feel. squished. I’ve done stuff today — like, filled[…]

Pardon the Interruption…

When I saw the film Girl, Interrupted as a teenager, I was convinced that it was the scariest film I’d ever seen in my life. I watched it once, I doubt I ever will again. That movie ruined the song “The End Of The World” for me (you know which scene I’m[…]

RIP Tim Burton, You Just Got Cancelled.

Okay, this will probably shock a lot of you: I’ve never cared for Tim Burton’s movies. I still haven’t actually seen The Nightmare Before Christmas. Shocked yet? While I enjoyed Edward Scissorhands at first pass when I saw it years ago, a recent rewatch left me feeling icky. That weird rapey scene with the[…]

RIP Hatchet Face

Obviously, I am a John Waters fan. Who didn’t love Hairspray? Serial Mom? And how can you not be obsessed with the larger-than-life character of Divine? But I think my favorite movie of all of them was Cry Baby. I want to say that I identified with Allison, the straight-A student who gets[…]

12 Reaction GIFs to Valley of the Dolls

Right so I have officially become a woman: I just watched Valley of the Dolls. Yes, all five hours of it. I wasn’t actually sure if I liked the movie until the ending, and then as soon as it was over, I whispered to myself under my breath, Yas, queen. It’s streaming on Netflix[…]