Dance As If Nobody’s Watching — Oh God, Are They Watching?

  You know how some people are afraid to dance because they claim that they “can’t dance”?   Hmm…. can’t relate.   Not that I’m bragging about my skills on the dance floor! Au contraire — I am openly and unapologetically an awful dancer. But I’ve always taken a special joy in dancing.   I vividly[…]

So I Got My Period At Burning Man

photo by Nina Hazen   I finally caught the bullet that I dodged last year.   Last year, I was scheduled to get my period at Burning Man, but if you’ll recall (because I know you are so into my menstrual cycle), it came early and was the cherry on top of[…]

Things I Learned at Burning Man 2017

  The opposite of “Fragile Masculinity” is probably “Secure Masculinity,” as in a cishet man who can enjoy yoga and facials and pumpkin spice latte’s without having to proclaim “NO HOMO!” But what is “Fragile Femininity,” i.e. a woman who feels compelled to protest that she is “Not Like Other[…]

All The Makeup You Need To Survive Burning Man

Okay, Let’s Be Honest: makeup really isn’t necessary at Burning Man. I just… I really like it! The best part of my morning (besides my super-regular 6:45am morning poop #humblebrag) is deciding what makeup to wear that day. What colors, what theme, what “look” I’m going to go for. Why should I[…]

We NEED To Have A Potty Talk

  Hi, strangers. We need to have a talk about potty training. Not for kids… for adults. For YOU.     I would say, seven times out of ten, I walk into a Manhattan public restroom and find piss everywhere. More than just a few sprinkled. More than the errant drip. Much[…]

the best GOOD NEWS of the year, roundup

Awwwww you guuuyyys it’s my last weekly Good News roundup of 2016! You know, in years past, I would have felt a twinge of nostalgia saying “Last X of 20XX,” but I really don’t feel anything. TIME IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT, like virginity and breakfast. And besides, I doubt anyone’s going[…]

2016 Year in Review

Buckle up, Buttercup! It’s the annual massive “best posts of the year” post! I’ve done it in 2012, 2013, 2014, and dang if it didn’t take me 1 2 3 4 tries but I did it in 2015, too. We’ve got 12 months to cover and a total of 165[…]

Picture This (A Burning Man Post + Feminist Rant)

Women are always criticized for this: taking photos when they should* be living in the moment. * “should” says who? but whatever. A man with a camera glued to his face the entire time is a photographer, an artist, and thanked for recording the event for posterity. A woman with[…]

“Home Is…” (A Burning Man Post)

I know you’re all waiting for me to say something about Burning Man. I’ve been back for a week! But here’s where I’m at: Coming into my second time, I was really nervous. I hadn’t been feeling well, and I had a nagging feeling of negativity following me around. Last[…]

But First, Reno

Oh, Reno. Every year, before Burning Man, there’s Reno. Don’t get me wrong, Reno, you’re great. I love your chain stores, neon lights, and omigosh your hills! I definitely don’t hate your happy hour drink specials, your gaudy over-the-top casinos, or your breathtaking sunsets. But Reno, you almost got the[…]