GOOD NEWS! I’ve been BUSY BUSY BUSY this week and it’s WONDERFUL!

Wow, I don’t even know what to write! So I’ve been working on a project at the studio (again!) since I got back from California and it’s been pretty nonstop but I love it so much. As a result, I’ve been doing precious little else besides working and commuting, so I haven’t[…]

GOOD NEWS! Rosé-Filled Glasses Edition

Hey hey! What a rollercoaster this week has been! I got my period early — ON VALENTINE’S DAY! — and it was the most painful one I’ve had in a few cycles. But I’m glad it came early, because it was supposed to come this weekend, and this weekend I’m[…]

GOOD NEWS! Snowflakes for the WIN!

Hey hey hey as I write this for tomorrow I have just found out that the 9th Circuit court D-nied that fuckin’ stupid immigration ban! Suuuuuuuck it, LIBERALS WIN! Speaking of SNOWFLAKES, we got a shit-ton of snow on Thursday (as in TODAY, as we’ve already established that I am[…]

Good News! This Week Is Over!… Good News!

Can we somehow reach the Barenaked Ladies for comment on this past week? Because I would hope they’d say something along the lines of “Wow, that’s a lot of stuff to have happen in a week.” or something.   Hi! I’m back again with some good news, and let’s kick[…]


Hello hello hello and welcome to the first (slightly belated) GOOD NEWS of 2017! We’re merrily dancing on the razor’s edge of mutually assured destruction –– but because the human brain can only handle so much fear before it implodes, I’m focusing on only the things that make me happy,[…]

the best GOOD NEWS of the year, roundup

Awwwww you guuuyyys it’s my last weekly Good News roundup of 2016! You know, in years past, I would have felt a twinge of nostalgia saying “Last X of 20XX,” but I really don’t feel anything. TIME IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT, like virginity and breakfast. And besides, I doubt anyone’s going[…]

GOOD NEWS: Few And Far Between, But Still To Be Found

I hate myself for saying this, but this candle is LIT AF. *groan, shudder* Welcome back to the weekly GOOD NEWS. I had, um, the HARDEST TIME finding good news this week (do I say that every week?). Well, I guess that’s the point of the exercise, isn’t it? Embracing[…]

GOOD NEWS! Comics R Great

Another week, another struggle to find a silver lining. ICYMI, last month the entire country went insane and it’s only a matter of time before the end of the world! Oh, and also, I had a dizzyingly bad bout of PMS. But the good news is, I’m bleeding today, trading[…]

GOOD NEWS: You Don’t Have To “Be Positive”

Well, hello again, friends. Every Friday, I try to highlight some of the things that have made me happy during the week. As I struggle in the fight against depression and anxiety, I found it helpful to focus even a small amount of my energies towards finding the positive in[…]

Good News! “SMILE” – The Election Is Almost Over!

What a slog it’s been! Feels like this election has been going on for two years — which it actually almost has. So the Good News for today is that, in two days, we gain an extra hour of sleep (yay!) and in four days, for better or for worse, the campaigning[…]

Good News: Cute Things Are Cute

Liz Climo‘s illustrations are freakin’ adorable and super funny. If you’re a fan of TNG, you have to watch this adorable fan-video made by a kid. OMG. It’s so hilarious. The hashbrown that Troi was saving “for years!” cracks me up. Dena Landon’s story over at xoJane about Tindering with[…]

Gender is DEAD! That’s the Good News this week!

Last Friday, I listed 7 things that made me exceedingly happy, and I enjoyed sharing so much, that I decided to make “a thing” of it. So welcome to the Second Weekly Edition of my Good News posts. YAY! Good news, for once! So as I was compiling the things[…]