Enough On My Shoulders

  The recent news cycle has been draining. The recent abortion bans in Georgia, Alabama, Ohio. Every day, my entire social media feed is dominated by stories of desperate women whose lives ended in pursuit of reproductive freedom. Horrifying tales of 11-year olds forced to carry their rapists’ babies to term, women[…]

Target Sells Sex Toys Now, Because, Of Course They Do (And I Love It!)

  It started so small, as it always does, and just got out of hand from there — yeah we’re talking about Target.   Target Sells Vibrators in Stores Now so, Hi, I Basically Live There https://t.co/LpyNjPeNBv pic.twitter.com/57EBBx08EB — Cosmopolitan (@Cosmopolitan) April 11, 2019   Which led me to the[…]

Of Leggings And Janties

  godDAMN, there is nothing I love more than petulant absurdity.   But I didn’t love THIS: Last month, believe it or not, a grown woman wrote an OpEd to the formerly-respected publication The Washington Post to beg — okay, sit down, take a deep breath, drink a glass of water,[…]

Hate-Watching “Snog, Marry, Avoid”

  Generally speaking, I’m not a huge fan of makeover shows anyway. in the Venn Diagram of “Things I Hate” and “Things I Watch Ironically,” “Makeover Shows” stay squarely in the former category. Maybe it’s the little girl inside me, who remembers being forced to wear way-too-uncomfortable tights with dresses,[…]

Sorry Not Sorry, it’s another blog about Aziz Ansari

  Everybody’s weighing in on Aziz Ansari with their opinions! So I’m going to weigh in on Aziz Ansari and say that MY OPINION is that everyone should stop fucking weighing in on Aziz Ansari with their fucking opinions.   Let’s clarify:   IMHO, the rush to declare that Aziz[…]

Why Is This Channing Tatum News So Sexy?

  I watched Magic Mike. It was on Netflix and I felt like it was an “important” film to see. It represented a moment in time in our culture and I wasn’t even excited about the naked men at all.  Honestly, I didn’t find the film sexy in the least. No, really!  The[…]

It’s Porn, Bitches

UNTIL NOW, I’d never understood the desire to watch porn. Granted, my own experience with pornography in the traditional medium is very limited. Limited to side-plots on Law & Order: SVU and that one time in college after I’d just turned 18 (18!), when my friends and I attended an amateur drag[…]

Fuck Off w/ “Fuckboy”

  I know we all meant well, and I know that there’s a lot to unpack, but can I please, please ask that we leave the term “fuckboy” in 2016. Seriously. Please. 1. First of all, as Inigo Montoya would say, “You keep using that word. I do not think[…]

Thanksgiving? What Thanksgiving?

Ho, ho, ho, my fellow hoes! I call you “hoes” like “whores” because we all know there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sex work as long as nobody’s being exploited and everyone has given consent! Merry Christmas!   Yeah, assholes, CHRISTMAS. It goes right from Halloween to Christmas. TBF, Thanksgiving isn’t[…]

7 Things That Made Me Happy To The Point Of Tears This Week

Wow, you guys, this week has been A DOOZY! DOOZY, I say! There’s been A LOT going on and the weekend is almost upon us! I have a tour in Lower Manhattan on Saturday, and it’s supposed to rain again but like, it rained on me last week! I got[…]