Happy 200th Birthday, Walt Whitman

  I’ll be honest with you: The first time I picked up Leaves of Grass (in college), it bored me to tears.   Maybe it’s a thing you have to grow into? I for sure skimmed the book to pass the class, but didn’t understand why so many people considered it a[…]

The Safety Blanket

  Did you have a “safety blanket” when you were a kid?   How about now?   I have a theory about those little things we always return to when things get tough. The favorite book we’ve read over and over, even when our TBR pile is towering. The movie we[…]

I Can Be Your Hero, Baby

In 2016, I applied for literally every job under the sun. I only got one of those jobs, but that’s because THIS job hadn’t been made available yet. And speaking of “under the sun,” it involves outer space.   NASA is hiring a Planetary Protection Officer. Someone to protect the world from[…]

GOOD NEWS! Comics R Great

Another week, another struggle to find a silver lining. ICYMI, last month the entire country went insane and it’s only a matter of time before the end of the world! Oh, and also, I had a dizzyingly bad bout of PMS. But the good news is, I’m bleeding today, trading[…]


So this story begins where it’s been all my life: a slow supernova of self-loathing and self-fulfilling prophesy expanding in a fireball of snowballing problems, sitting in a therapist’s squeaky leather chair. “Would you like to try something?” she asks. I always say yes, because she’s the professional, isn’t she? It’s[…]