My Favorite “Woo Woo Hippy Doo” iPhone Apps

  Dream Journal Ultimate I have been using Dream Journal Ultimate for over a year now. It’s honestly the most reliable part of my morning routine! Before I started journaling my dreams, I maybe remembered one or two dreams a month — now, I sometimes remember up to 3 different[…]

Things That I Actually Believe Are Honestly Magical

  I think magic is pretty cool. I’m talking MagicK, you know — Glamours, transfiguration, potions, enchantments. But believing in it? Phew. Belief is a tricky thing. I feel like belief — true belief — is the thing that only shows itself when you’re tested. The thing you turn to[…]

What I DO/DON’T Believe In

Being a ghost tour guide, I get asked a lot if I believe in ghosts. Actually, I get asked if I believe in a lot of things that fall under the realm of supernatural on my tours. I guess it goes with the tour-ritory! What. What was that portmanteau. I’m so sorry. But it[…]

God Is Punishing Me… With Puke

Let’s back this thing up.   Over Christmas, you may recall, I found myself vomiting and suffering in the absolute extreme. I thought maybe it was a flu? Or a fluke. One of the two. It wasn’t the first time in my 32-year existence that I’ve been majorly ill on[…]

Thanksgiving? What Thanksgiving?

Ho, ho, ho, my fellow hoes! I call you “hoes” like “whores” because we all know there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sex work as long as nobody’s being exploited and everyone has given consent! Merry Christmas!   Yeah, assholes, CHRISTMAS. It goes right from Halloween to Christmas. TBF, Thanksgiving isn’t[…]

Christmas in October

  It isn’t even Halloween yet, and I’ve already made a Christmas Spotify playlist that’s over 3 hours long. And I’ve been listening to it since September. I have become that which I once hated. I’m going to be a Grinch up in here and suggest that it doesn’t have to do[…]