Real Housebound

  Aw, its evergreen, but I feel it on SUCH A DEEPER LEVEL.   We*re — what? — SIX weeks into quarantine? Or is it Social Distancing? Or Self Isolation? I dont know, I dont know the difference, and I dont actually CARE. The gist is, its been a fuckin[…]

I Recommend Pinterest

I*ll admit it: my favorite hobby is scrolling.   Scrolling through my phone! Scrolling on my laptop! I am a Millennial, after all. I came of age with Social Media. I was among the first generation of teenagers who were addicted to it – of course, then we only had[…]

Currently… in April 2020

  dont @ me, this photo was taken last month before the world ended and we all had to go inside.   FEELING:  Next question. . WATCHING: Ok lets be real — the only way I know what day it is is by which TV show aired last night, so[…]