February Kicked My Ass

  February is just a joke anyway, isn’t it? I mean, you’re in this shitty January doldrums and then Valentine’s Day pounces on you out of nowhere! Next thing you know, it’s like “Wow, can you believe it’s MARCH NEXT WEEK???” No, I can’t. And not just because I’ve been[…]

? Hail, Satan? ?

  Last Monday, I was in Times Square… THREE TIMES IN ONE DAY.   Just so you get the FULL HORROR of this, I rode from:   Bushwick –> Times Square Times Square –> Ridgewood Ridgewood –> Times Square Times Square –> Ridgewood (Ridgewood –> Bushwick) Bushwick –> Times Square[…]

GOOD NEWS! Now Serving Three Looks In One, and SUNDAY BRUNCH!!!

  This week was MADNESS for me over here! I worked a full day Saturday at the studio, then had rehearsal all day Sunday. Monday was a big day for running errands, then a late rehearsal. I “performed” my part of the show for the rest of the cast on[…]

And Not A Zero Fuck Was Given That Day

  I had an EXHAUSTING day on Friday.   I just wanted to share this with you because it was one of those days that I live for, the days where you work yourself past the point of exhaustion to a state of accomplished *bliss* and everything else melts away.   I[…]

GOOD NEWS! Put The Bass In Your Walk

  This week, a judge awarded over $6M in damages to the artists of 5 Pointz, whose work was painted over by the developers of the high-rise buildings that were being built on the spot where the famed open-air street art collection once stood. YEAAAAAHHHHHH striking one against THE MAN![…]

Wanted: Instagram Bae

  Many, many months ago, my former therapist asked me to make a list of qualities that I want in a hypothetical future partner. Many, many months ago, the list looked a lot like this: “1. some ? one ? who ? won’t ? hurt ? me ???…” But it’s been many, many months since then, and I’ve given it a lot of[…]

The Walls Have Ears

  I didn’t realize how LOUD I AM until I moved in with roommates.   My roommates are AWESOME. They’re very cool. And chill. And quiet. SO QUIET! I never EVER hear ANYTHING at ANY time of the day. They’re great! They’re WONDERFUL! No, the problem is me.   I’m afraid[…]

Venting About MetroCard Vending

  So, over the weekend, MetroCard machines all across the city are getting a software upgrade. For six hours, in the middle of the night, you won’t be able to use a credit or debit card to buy or refill your MetroCard! EEEK! Yeah, you’re probably like, “Who cares?” but[…]

GOOD NEWS! Showgirls Come In Threes

  HEY EVERYBODY. I have been curating this stuff since Saturday for ya. SATURDAY! And I’m not really sticking to the “Good News” motto of this piece. More like… “Here are things I found on the internet that I want to bookmark and/or make YOU aware of.” Which is like…[…]

? Don’t Be Alarmed… ?

  It is a scientific FACT (probably) — that at any given hour of any given day, in any given neighborhood of New York City, there will be an alarm going off. And any given New Yorker will promptly respond to any given alarm with… annoyance. NOT “alarm.”   Sirens,[…]


  The word I use most often to describe things: HILARIOUS. And to make things worse, I’ve picked up the habit of extending the word with a big, warm, open “A” in the middle: That thing that happened at work was hilAAAAAArious. The new exhibit you have to see at[…]

GOOD NEWS! It’s Ordinary Time

  I’m so happy that I’m doing this again! This guitar pick is a story.I was back at Trader Joe’s, the same place where I was gifted delicious cookies! It’s also where I shop for groceries every week, so, don’t act too surprised that I was there. I was in line down[…]

Currently… in February 2018

  FEELING:  Well. Today — February 1st — I had a MASSIVE therapy session where I got a lot of HUGE things off my chest, and I feel, like, relieved. January was a huge roller coaster, and I was mostly going it completely alone. I feel like I’ve finally accepted that 1)[…]