Tell Me Something Good

  Ugh, Mercury Retrograde, AMIRITE???   I started going all New-Agey on you a couple of months ago, but to be honest, I’ve alllllways had a soft spot for horoscopes. Even fortune cookies. Oh, god, my mom is nodding her head reading this! I saved SO MANY cookie fortunes over the[…]

GOOD NEWS! Good News is BACK!

Last week, I rounded up (proper past-tense?) a buncha stuff that was inspiring to me, getting me through the loneliness and the winter doldrums. And then I was like, “Why not continue to do that?” You know, I was doing that every Friday since 2016, right? Too lazy to research[…]

The Safety Blanket

  Did you have a “safety blanket” when you were a kid?   How about now?   I have a theory about those little things we always return to when things get tough. The favorite book we’ve read over and over, even when our TBR pile is towering. The movie we[…]

⛸️ Ice Skating at Bryant Park!! ⛸️

  Well, I wanted to do this, and I did it!   On a warm, Friday evening, I coerced a friend of mine into skating with me at Bryant Park. I started off desperately clinging to him, forcing him to tow me around the ice (sorry!). But by the time[…]

LOST: my inspiration. FOUND: this stuff…

  So I just told you in my boat post that I’ve been struggling with finding “inspiration.” That’s pretty harsh, but it’s true. I’ve been actively searching for, but (largely) failing to find, things that excite me. Apologies in advance for sounding like a total jerk, but I’ve been going through a big period[…]

I’m On A Boat

  Hi, my name is Meghan, and I am depressed. BUT, when life hands me lemons, I like to make lemonade! And when life sends me on work errands to Red Hook, I get to take a cruise.     Yep, a cruise. That’s the way the IKEA express ferry describes it. But in[…]

ER is on Hulu, and I’ve Never Been Happier

  Let me tell you a little story about Teenage Meghan.   She was SOOOO OBSESSED with the television show ER, that she dressed up as one of the characters for Halloween in senior year. Every Friday lunch period, she would perform an elaborate one-woman recap of the previous night’s episode of ER — including musical[…]

Sorry Not Sorry, it’s another blog about Aziz Ansari

  Everybody’s weighing in on Aziz Ansari with their opinions! So I’m going to weigh in on Aziz Ansari and say that MY OPINION is that everyone should stop fucking weighing in on Aziz Ansari with their fucking opinions.   Let’s clarify:   IMHO, the rush to declare that Aziz[…]

These Boots Are Made For…

  I… think I had a sexy dream?   In my dream, I was cast as an extra in a music video for a young chanteuse. My job, along with the other extras, was to lie on the ground while the singer, wearing black Doc Martens, stepped on us lightly while performing[…]

Fixing A Hole

  I wrote over 400 words in this draft. Then I erased it all. Call this “Take Two.”   I’m very proud of myself for writing more in this blog. There was a time, not too long ago (OCTOBER 2017) when I couldn’t even fathom stringing two words together. I was like,[…]

The Pits

  June 26th, 2014: I grammed this gorgeous selfie of yours truly all dressed up for a date. Hair curled, cute sundress, makeup on point. I look amazing, BUT! For the itchy, scaly, oozy, red splotch of psoriasis under my armpit. You can tell I’ve tried my darnedest to filter the living[…]

You Can Ask Me Anything!

  Hey, you! Yeah, you! Reading this right now!   You can ASK ME ANYTHING!!!   This post is an invitation. My small but mighty readership, if you want to ask me anything, please feel free! My comments are always open, my email address is on my About Me page. And I love to hear from you! If[…]

And THAT’s Why I Have Trust Issues

  Yeah, you could say I’m a little FRAGILE lately!!!!   ICYMI, my life has been going through a lot of changes???? Okay, I’ll level with you: I HATE being out of the loop on important things. Things that matter to me. By people that matter to me. People I should be able to trust!   And[…]

I F&#@ING HATED “HANG THE DJ,” And I Need You All To Know This

  First of all, the title. Why? What does it have to do with anything? Spoiler alert: NOTHING.   Oh, spoilers ahead, obviously. And here’s one BIG one: this episode is called “Hang The DJ” because it’s an ominous-sounding line from a song that is played in the final seconds of this episode. If[…]

Vanguard of Fashion w/ my Hair in the Clouds

  It’s happened AGAIN!!!   Dear Readers, it is with utmost humility that I inform you that yours truly is Trendsetter Numero Uno, that’s right, I MAKE THE TRENDS. I was wearing overalls before they were cool. I’ve had bangs my WHOLE LIFE* so take that, Zooey Deschanel!! And now, I’ve resurrected that most unlikely of[…]

Chivalry Isn’t Dead!!! — You Can Get It At Trader Joe’s

  If you live in New York or — heck — the EAST COAST, even, you might have gotten buried under a shit-ton of snow yesterday??? Yeah, I noticed. It snowed! I was a snow-skeptic, though, RIGHT up until the last minute. Which is why I decided it was a[…]

Currently… in January 2018

  FEELING:  INCREDULOUS. That it is. 2018. How is this even possible? I know that time is a construct, but this construct feels imPOSSIBLE! Wow, who would have thought? I have to say, I am actually happier now than I thought I could possibly be, back in 2017? I’m ready[…]


  Okay, I can concede that the title of this post is… aggressively weird. I just find it a little bit too on the nose that the New Year happens to coincide almost perfectly with the giant shake-up of my life which was a HUGE breakup and MOVING to a new place. Calendar, is this a subtweet?   It’s[…]

You See I’ve Forgotten — Is It Green, or It’s Blue?

  They say that some people are born leaders, which implies that some people are born followers.   I, my friends, am a born follower.   I joked at work, while listening to a podcast about Charles Manson, that if someone told me I was pretty and asked me to join their cult (Manson’s[…]