GOOD NEWS! Mermaids DO Exist!

  Can you believe that’s the week, done and dusted? I’m finally starting to feel better from this cold and then WHAM!, I get this massive (painful!) zit on my upper lip under my nose. It’s the WORST. I have a derm appointment on Monday of next week, right after[…]

Monthly Favorites: September 2017

  Hulu has been on fire lately. I’ve been loving their selection of 80’s and 90’s rom-coms, new South Park episodes, and you know it’s how I keep up with my Kardashians! I’m the kind of person who always needs something on in the background. I loved watching Sense and Sensibility, Fools Rush In, Moscow On The[…]

Hugh Hefner is Dead, and I Feel Some Feelings About It

  So, the big deal is that Hugh Hefner has died at 91. I just want to have some feelings for a minute.   I was immediately attracted to the E! series The Girls Next Door as a teenager, much as I was drawn to everything lurid, subversive, shocking and classless. Even[…]

The Kind Of Cold That Never Really Goes Away

Well, I’ve finally got it. My boyfriend had it first: sinus and cough and general misery. I got a glimpse of it last week: I hit a high fever (for me) of 98.1, when I usually run a cool 97.0 — but I felt like I was sweating and flushed.[…]

GOOD NEWS! Life Is Back To Abnormal!

This was taken at DragCon last weekend (or the weekend before that? Gosh, time is flying) which is why there’s a pink carpet behind me. Duh!   So like I said, this week is flying by! I’ve been helping out at the studio, despite catching a milder version of my[…]

How Much Are You Worth?

  Let’s have a discussion about not discussing money, okay? So, I was raised to believe in “etiquette” which had many outdated tenets, but among these was the notion that certain topics are off-limits. Politics and religion made for debate and education, but it was verboten to ask anyone their[…]

Dress For…?

  Who do you dress for?   So it’s often assumed (by men) that women dress for men. When straight men feel like they can comment on how you look or what you’re wearing, it’s just another reminder that in (Straight) Man-O-Vision, everything exists to be pleasing to them. Or, if it[…]

Forgive Me, My Faves Are Problematic

  I, like many of you I’m sure, spend a lot of my free mind-wandering time wondering whether or not my faves are problematic. They are. Most of them are. Before I tweet about liking something, I’ll try to do a quick Google search to determine if they’re problematic or[…]

So I Got My Period At Burning Man

photo by Nina Hazen   I finally caught the bullet that I dodged last year.   Last year, I was scheduled to get my period at Burning Man, but if you’ll recall (because I know you are so into my menstrual cycle), it came early and was the cherry on top of[…]

*Sigh* Another Autumn, Another “Basic Bitch” Debacle

  Autumn’s natural beauty is incomparable: the leaves on the trees turn to bright colors, the pumpkin harvests fill the fields with vibrant orange globes, and suddenly, the words “Basic Bitch” start cropping up everywhere.   Yes, it’s time for flannel shirts, circle scarves, and accusing each other of being[…]

GOOD NEWS! The Internet is Still Funny

Can you believe it’s only been like ONE WEEK since I got back from Burning Man???? I can’t! so much happened in the past week – I said goodbye to my therapist (I’m continuing therapy, don’t worry, but it’s still sad!), I puppersat for two doggies, I went to DRAG[…]

Currently… in September 2017

  FEELING:  I’m not “over” Burning Man, yet. That was probably the most intense three weeks of my life, and I was so busy and alive during that time! One minute, you’re a bad-ass amazing survivalist, vital and thriving, pushing yourself past your limits and defying nature to have an[…]

Why I Love Being A Poll Worker

  I became a Poll worker because… honestly? I was desperate for a job and I heard they paid decent money. I kind of resented it: the long hours and the complicated procedures. Also, I had never actually voted. But you remember that part where I said I was “desperate”?[…]

Things I Learned at Burning Man 2017

  The opposite of “Fragile Masculinity” is probably “Secure Masculinity,” as in a cishet man who can enjoy yoga and facials and pumpkin spice latte’s without having to proclaim “NO HOMO!” But what is “Fragile Femininity,” i.e. a woman who feels compelled to protest that she is “Not Like Other[…]

GOOD NEWS! I Survived Burning Man… AGAIN! But For Real, This Time

  I’m Baaaaaaaaa-aaaack! And only the *teensiest* bit jetlagged. Okay, so maybe my eyes are watering and I’m falling asleep sitting up at 6:30pm, because I (as I type this) just flew in on a redeye flight, and boy are my eyes red! That’s the way the joke goes, right?[…]