“What Do You Have In This Bag – ROCKS?” Well, Um, YES.

Yes, I was the weird kid who’d stop to pick up a rock off the ground if it was shiny, smooth, OR formed a neat shape (this one looks like a strawberry!). It wasn’t uncommon for me to come home with pockets of rocks. And that’s exactly what the inside[…]

California Was So Nice, We (Accidentally) Stayed An Extra Day

You heard me. So you already knew I was going to be in California this weekend, but through some magical invisible force, we would up staying a day longer than we’d originally planned. Yes, yes, I promise I’ll tell you all about Palm Springs, and Joshua Tree, and Los Angeles[…]

GOOD NEWS! Rosé-Filled Glasses Edition

Hey hey! What a rollercoaster this week has been! I got my period early — ON VALENTINE’S DAY! — and it was the most painful one I’ve had in a few cycles. But I’m glad it came early, because it was supposed to come this weekend, and this weekend I’m[…]

Nobody’s Having Fun On The Bachelor 21.6 — Not Even In “Paradise.”

Theory: Nick doesn’t want LOVE. He wants MISERY. That’s the only thing that could possibly explain his actions in this episode. But it makes a lot of sense if you consider his actions on Bachelor in Paradise! There, after one date with Amanda, Nick decided that they belonged together. Which would’ve been awesome, had[…]

GOOD NEWS! Snowflakes for the WIN!

Hey hey hey as I write this for tomorrow I have just found out that the 9th Circuit court D-nied that fuckin’ stupid immigration ban! Suuuuuuuck it, LIBERALS WIN! Speaking of SNOWFLAKES, we got a shit-ton of snow on Thursday (as in TODAY, as we’ve already established that I am[…]

I Prithee, Miladies, Please Don’t Use This Slogan On Your Protest Signs

Ok so it’s Wednesday and we’re all looking forward to The Weekend!, looking forward to going out and supporting Planned Parenthood in Washington Square Park or wherever your local rally for Planned Parenthood is, and as we take to the streets in what I’m hoping will be the Women’s March[…]

The Official February 2017 “What Will Trump Fuck Up Next?” BINGO Card

Twelve days. TWELVE DAYS! It’s been twelve fucking days and while we can’t say that the world is literally on fire, we can’t assume that it won’t start burning tomorrow. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like every waking second is like a slap in the face of all that I[…]

Currently… in February 2017

FEELING:  Hmmmm where do I begin? So, my temporary period of employment has ended, which means back to square one. Since the Inauguration, I’ve been protesting every weekend. It’s hard to think about my own personal future when the future of the world feels closer to crisis than ever before.[…]