The Bachelor 21.4 aka “Corinntervention” aka WHAT IS ‘REAL’?!?

Why is this show so LONG and so BORING? I don’t remember Ben’s season being this boring. I don’t remember Jojo’s season being this boring. Maybe it’s just harder to care about The Bachelor when the whole world is literally on fire. Anyway. This was the drama-filled, having-it-out, ‘if-Corinne-gets-a-rose-I’m-leaving’ episode we were[…]

The Least Normal Dates I’ve Ever Had In My Life

So the other day I was watching The Bachelor (like you do) and after I recovered from Raven giggling about assaulting her ex-boyfriend (hold on, I promise I’m going somewhere with this, but OMG wtf that was the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen on The Bachelor), Raven raved to the cameras about what a great date[…]

Good News! This Week Is Over!… Good News!

Can we somehow reach the Barenaked Ladies for comment on this past week? Because I would hope they’d say something along the lines of “Wow, that’s a lot of stuff to have happen in a week.” or something.   Hi! I’m back again with some good news, and let’s kick[…]

The Beer Fairy

  It looks as though we got a visit from the Beer Fairy today! What do you mean, you’ve never heard the story of the Beer Fairy? Well, gather ’round, kids, let Auntie Meghan tell the tale. The Beer Fairy is as mysterious as s/he is magical. Unlike the Beer[…]

Hoodies: A Love Story

Truly and honestly, is there anything better than a pullover hoodie? A hoodie is a hug that you can wear. A hoodie can make you look like a bear. I could just not resist going Dr. Seuss on you guys, I love hoodies just that much. In fact, I nerded out on[…]

Damn, Am I Glad I Went To The #WomensMarchNYC

Ok, so I didn’t go enthusiastically. Not at first. My fear and distrust of the general public has increased 1000% after the election. I know that My Liberal Bubble is a relatively safe and progressive place to live, but since November 9th, I can’t help but eye every cis white[…]


My angel cherubs, let me advise you: be very wary of people who have no trouble picking a favorite book. It usually indicates that they have very little basis for comparison, if you know what I mean. I mean they must not read much! I really hate when websites prompt me[…]

This Is My Nose, Reacting to the Week of Jan. 16th — Jan. 20th

Wow, my nose is just feeling pulled in so many different directions by so many different emotions. Clearly, the bridge of my nose is shirking away from acknowledging the horrifying fact that the end of the week is Trump’s Inauguration. You can see the marked indent of cognitive dissonance, where[…]

Fuck Off w/ “Fuckboy”

  I know we all meant well, and I know that there’s a lot to unpack, but can I please, please ask that we leave the term “fuckboy” in 2016. Seriously. Please. 1. First of all, as Inigo Montoya would say, “You keep using that word. I do not think[…]


Hello hello hello and welcome to the first (slightly belated) GOOD NEWS of 2017! We’re merrily dancing on the razor’s edge of mutually assured destruction –– but because the human brain can only handle so much fear before it implodes, I’m focusing on only the things that make me happy,[…]

“Woo Bridge”

In case you were wondering, that’s the official sign for a Woo Bridge. What’s a Woo Bridge, you ask? Well, it’s something I made up in a dream. Several dreams, in fact. And I fucking hate them. A Woo Bridge is a bridge that goes up really high and then[…]

The Life-Changing Magic Of DOING SOMETHING

Life. Changing. I’ve been assisting at this studio for a couple of days now and already it’s like a magic wand over my life. Remember when I felt like I was going crazy, because nothing I tried seemed to ever work out? Well, I think it’s safe to say I’ve[…]

My (One) One-Night Stand

I think one of the most amazing things about a NEW YEAR is the temptation to revisit and reflect on our pasts. As much as I still believe Time is a construct, like “virginity” and “breakfast” (feel free to quote me), I’ve done some re-reading of my own blog. It’s part nostalgia[…]

Currently… in January 2017

  FEELING:  Hopeful…hopeful! Do you know how many of these “currently” updates I’ve been wanting, waiting to say that hope had returned to my universe? . WATCHING: Woah, well, aside from the Netflix series I recently recommended, I watched Practical Magic the other day because Shelby over at Femnasty told me once[…]