‘A Theatre of Things,’ and a cute/creepy story of hero worship

As I promised, this story is either going to be cute or creepy. Kinda like this mask. I guess it depends on your perspective. Back in college (almost ten years ago, where does the time go?), I had a favorite professor. He was just my type: everyone says he’s demanding[…]

“I Will Eat My Hat.”

So. Trump. Let’s talk about it. Again. Just for a little bit. Less than 250 words. I promise. Ever since The Unthinkable Happened, the media have been rushing to mitigate the horror by insisting “Hey, maybe things won’t be so bad!” and “We have to give Trump a chance!” and prattling on about[…]

GOOD NEWS! Comics R Great

Another week, another struggle to find a silver lining. ICYMI, last month the entire country went insane and it’s only a matter of time before the end of the world! Oh, and also, I had a dizzyingly bad bout of PMS. But the good news is, I’m bleeding today, trading[…]

Currently… in December 2016

FEELING:  Knock knock! Who’s there? I’m still depressed. I get one more appointment with my therapist this year (2016) before I have to wait until 2017 for my insurance to authorize more visits. I’ve seen her once since the election and all I could do was cry and panic. My[…]