Not yr “Bubble”

I wanted to be “over it,” but I’m not “over it.” As much as it pains me to accept the comparison, I — much like the Pubescent-Elect — am upset over an SNL skit. First, you have to watch the video. Watch it aaaaaaaall the way to the end. That last[…]

Holy Shit, Cheese Though

I don’t say this often, at least, not as much as I should (I know), but dammit, I love… cheese. Invariably, small talk always leads to the “Would You Rather” question which I used to stumble over: “Would you rather live without chocolate, or cheese?” I mean, would I want to live[…]

#GreySweatpantsChallenge Showed Me That I *Can* Still Feel Joy

So I realized that, like, this whole month of posts has been angry and sad. Like, alternating: angry, sad, angry, sad. Sometimes you’d get angry, with a bonus of sad! Upon self- and blog-reflection, I became worried. Worried that I’d become a jaded, angry person who would never find the[…]

What I’m Thankful For:

  this corner of the sofa. You’re great. Never change, baby.   Worst Cooks in America on Netflix — thanks for reminding me of a time before terror.   Clue for iPhone. Thanks for making sense of my body. I feel more in control and less adrift when it comes to my[…]

The Cake Dream

On Monday night, I fell asleep on my boyfriend while watching Jean-Claude Van Damme or something, and I had a dream about cake. The cake in my dream was a vanilla cake, light and spongy, half-decorated in white frosting and half-decorated in dark chocolate frosting. Like a giant, fluffy, black-and-white cookie![…]

When Reality Is Harder To Watch Than Reality TV

Remember back when we cared about things like Kardashians and who was going to win The Bachelorette? You know, before the Nazis silently took over our country and we were all murmuring to each other in disbelief: “how much worse can it get?” Life after 11/9 has been one long inhale that I’m still[…]

Thanksgiving? What Thanksgiving?

Ho, ho, ho, my fellow hoes! I call you “hoes” like “whores” because we all know there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sex work as long as nobody’s being exploited and everyone has given consent! Merry Christmas!   Yeah, assholes, CHRISTMAS. It goes right from Halloween to Christmas. TBF, Thanksgiving isn’t[…]

Privilege, Empathy, and Survival

Wow. Quiet. So, we’re pretty fucked. Yeah, it’s been less than a week, and all the Tr*mp-apologist media outlets have been crowing “Come together with the alt-right!” “try to understand the white working class’s ability to overlook blatant racism and threats to your safety because of their anger!” and “give Tr*mp a chance!”[…]

GOOD NEWS: You Don’t Have To “Be Positive”

Well, hello again, friends. Every Friday, I try to highlight some of the things that have made me happy during the week. As I struggle in the fight against depression and anxiety, I found it helpful to focus even a small amount of my energies towards finding the positive in[…]

Why Blog Today?

Well, what the fuck do we do now? We do the best we can. Only harder. This isn’t me “returning to life as usual,” this is me refusing to be robbed of every last shred of my humanity. Oh, to be fucking sure, I have lost a lot in this election. My faith[…]

Please, Please, PLEASE Vote for Hillary Clinton Tomorrow.

I don’t usually get political —   Okay, well, that’s a lie.   Well, I don’t usually BEG you to do anything, but today, I’m begging. PLEASE vote for Hillary Clinton tomorrow. I know some of you are still “undecided.” Or you’ve decided firmly, you’ve decided that you hate both candidates and[…]

Good News! “SMILE” – The Election Is Almost Over!

What a slog it’s been! Feels like this election has been going on for two years — which it actually almost has. So the Good News for today is that, in two days, we gain an extra hour of sleep (yay!) and in four days, for better or for worse, the campaigning[…]

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble, Ponies!

My hometown will never be the same. Also, today I learned what a “Met” is. When the Binghamton Mets announced that they would be changing their team name and opened up voting on a list of several options, the backlash in my small town was very negative. “Why are you changing the[…]

Pardon the Interruption…

When I saw the film Girl, Interrupted as a teenager, I was convinced that it was the scariest film I’d ever seen in my life. I watched it once, I doubt I ever will again. That movie ruined the song “The End Of The World” for me (you know which scene I’m[…]

Currently… in November 2016

FEELING:  Completely numb. It’s funny, I read back over last month’s “Currently” post and remember how desperate and stressed out I felt. I feel like a week after I wrote that, things took a massive turn for the better, and things started looking hopeful, and then immediately plummeted back into terribly[…]