RIP Tim Burton, You Just Got Cancelled.

Okay, this will probably shock a lot of you: I’ve never cared for Tim Burton’s movies. I still haven’t actually seen The Nightmare Before Christmas. Shocked yet? While I enjoyed Edward Scissorhands at first pass when I saw it years ago, a recent rewatch left me feeling icky. That weird rapey scene with the[…]

Scary Cakes? GTFO.

Let’s be honest: Halloween is very much MY BRAND. I’ve been a professional ghost story teller for five years, JFC. Gore + makeup + candy = SOLD. But I can’t get behind this pun. I saw these “Scary Cakes” at the grocery store with my boyfriend over the weekend and[…]

Always Bet On Red

It’s a PERIOD DRAMA! YAY! So I know some of you menstruaters* out there have SUPER REGULAR periods. By that we mean, like, predictable, timely, orderly and organized. I am not one of you. Surprise! My period has always been irregular AF. Sometimes it would come every other week, sometimes[…]

Post-Debate Hangover

DID YOU WATCH THE DEBATE LAST NIGHT???   I am so glad that I did.   I was planning to watch it even though I was afraid, like I used to be of Nip/Tuck. I knew I was going to be disgusted, but I couldn’t miss the surreal drama. Except this isn’t[…]

10 Things That Helped Me Get Through The Worst Day Ever

Okay, so it wasn’t the WORST day ever. It only felt like it? We all have those places + people that bring us back to the “worst moments” in our lives, when time stood still and we floated above our bodies, ears ringing, able to have only one clear thought,[…]

Walking With Giants

Hold onto your butts, cuz you’re about to lose your SHIT.     My favorite sick day activity has always been napping to The Food Network. Old reruns of Barefoot Contessa and Everyday Italian, with soft elevator music and pleasantly understated hosts, lull you into a gentle slumber faster than you can over-enunciate fettuccine. So you[…]

Workin’ the Poll

When I saw the subway ads that promised I could “Make a difference AND make money,” I decided I’d pretend I was doing it all for the “difference,” but let’s be honest, this chick needs some bread. And that’s how I wound up working the poll. For easy cash. Working[…]

RIP Hatchet Face

Obviously, I am a John Waters fan. Who didn’t love Hairspray? Serial Mom? And how can you not be obsessed with the larger-than-life character of Divine? But I think my favorite movie of all of them was Cry Baby. I want to say that I identified with Allison, the straight-A student who gets[…]

Picture This (A Burning Man Post + Feminist Rant)

Women are always criticized for this: taking photos when they should* be living in the moment. * “should” says who? but whatever. A man with a camera glued to his face the entire time is a photographer, an artist, and thanked for recording the event for posterity. A woman with[…]

“Home Is…” (A Burning Man Post)

I know you’re all waiting for me to say something about Burning Man. I’ve been back for a week! But here’s where I’m at: Coming into my second time, I was really nervous. I hadn’t been feeling well, and I had a nagging feeling of negativity following me around. Last[…]

But First, Reno

Oh, Reno. Every year, before Burning Man, there’s Reno. Don’t get me wrong, Reno, you’re great. I love your chain stores, neon lights, and omigosh your hills! I definitely don’t hate your happy hour drink specials, your gaudy over-the-top casinos, or your breathtaking sunsets. But Reno, you almost got the[…]

Currently… in September 2016

  FEELING:  Confused! I just got back from Burning Man yesterday (YESTERDAY!) and after over two weeks of living entirely for Burning Man, I’m confused how to reintegrate to my life. My to-do list is miles long, and it’s a little daunting, but not nearly as intense as trying to take[…]