Greetings from Burning Man, Sort Of

  Hello, Internet Friends! As you read this, I’m in Reno, Nevada, preparing for my second Burning Man! Now, I want to apologize for my blog. I recently moved from Blogger to WordPress and then all of a sudden, everything went kerflooey! I can’t upload images. So, rather than schedule[…]

Pissing the Night Away

So. 32. “Getting old.” So far, I haven’t found any new wrinkles, and only ONE grey hair (in my eyebrow wtf?), but like they say, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Like my bladder, for instance. “Getting old” means getting up to pee all the time. It’s becoming disastrous.[…]

A List of the Shit that I’ve Put on my Face

To start, here’s something I haven’t put on my face for a long time: my own hands.  I read long ago in a magazine that touching your face causes pimples, so I don’t touch my face unless I’m washing it or applying makeup. Sometimes I see people resting their face in their hands or[…]

The Remorseful Dog Models of Amazon

This is Chester’s face when the photographer suggests they can “slim him down in post.” Asshole. Snookums has done some rough shit to get her career off the ground. She can’t even look you in the eye. Baby’s momager told him they were going out for ice cream. No, it’s[…]

Don’t Go Clubbing, Baby Seals

Remember the past version of “me” who wanted to be more open to new experiences? So, I never really did the “club scene.” Aside from Trivia Night and later, Karaoke Night, I never set foot in a bar without a purpose. Mostly because I was the one with a van,[…]

Inside the SOLD OUT Museum of Ice Cream!

When we heard through the grapevine — okay, Facebook — that there was going to be a limited-run, popup Museum of Ice Cream in New York this summer, we immediately bought tickets. Turns out, that was a good move, because by the time we got around to going, the event was SOLD[…]

Grief in the Facebook Age

Grief in the Facebook age is public. Others have said it better, but I’m going to say it again. Last week, we lost a young woman who fought bravely against cancer for years, only to succumb before she’d reached the age of 30. There are no words, as the rabbi[…]

Currently… in August 2016

FEELING:  Wow. The month of July passed so quickly, it feels like one minute it was the Fourth of July and the next, I was celebrating my birthday! The month sure went out on several intense notes, it’s like a season finale of a TV show. To say that I’m[…]