Can You Be A Feminist And LOVE Reality TV?

Can you be a feminist and – YES.  Shhh.  YES YOU CAN.  You can be a feminist and do whatever you want. But. I looooooove Reality TV – especially dating shows.  My favourite dating shows are of the “_____ of Love” oeuvre.  The challenges are over-the-top ridiculous (Mud Bowl!), the[…]

Exciting Announcement!

I’m so excited to announce that I’m writing advice for Femnasty!  I’ve been a huge fan of the website ever since last fall, when the Basic Bitch article caught my eye and tbh, my heart exploded.  I was all, OMG, these girls totally get it.  I am so proud to[…]

Be the Nerd AND Date the Nerd: Why Nerds Do It Better

If you logged onto OkCupid in 2013 and searched for ‘women’ in their late 20’s in the New York area, you’ve probably seen this baby’s face: All T no shade, I pulled a lot of nerd with my sonic screwdriver photo.  Don’t hate, appreciate… Nerd.  Geek.  Dork.  Whatever your vernacular[…]

#WomenNotObjects ALMOST Gets It Right

Participation ribbon time:  You had me until the 2:08 mark, #WomenNotObjects. This video appealing (to men, ostensibly) to treat women as more than objects means well and almost gets it right – until it (HERE WE GO AGAIN) reminds the viewer (men, ostensibly) that “I am your…“ in order to[…]


New Yorkers are known for being three things: rich sexy cynical Okay, so two out of three ain’t bad (and FYI, I’m broke as hell).  So when this huuuuuuge snowstorm was predicted, I figured it was all hype.  I didn’t think it would really happen, and as such, I didn’t[…]

Open Letter to Cosmopolitan UK – Let Me Introduce You To A Blogger

Look, CosmoUK!  A Blogger, drinking coffee!  Woah woah wait, call off the hounds, I only wanna talk to you. Okay so by now we all know what you, Cosmopolitan UK, said about bloggers, there’s no need for me to even link to the article to give it more pageviews.  Maybe[…]

Introducing: the Femternet!

Ladies, ladies, ladies!  Tired of logging on to the Internet for personal, educational or professional use only to be inundated by the following ‘minor’ annoyances?: mansplaining unwanted sexual advances targeted harassment from complete strangers death threats doxing having to move your family because of doxing losing your job over targeted[…]

Joshua Tree National Park, California

  You down with OPV, Other People’s Vacations?  I hope so, because you’re about to get photo-dumped!  I’ve just flown back from California and BOY are my arms tired!  We stayed in a dome that was decorated like the Brady Bunch vacation hideaway – swinging 60’s baby!  Like Austin Powers’[…]

No Mo’ “Hoes”

Source: Whore, Prostitute, Skank, Ho’Bag, Tramp, Hooker, Lady of the Evening, Hussy, Ho. Can we seriously just stop?When I was 13, I thought being a prostitute would be the coolest job ever.  I had just learned what a prostitute was by listening to the soundtrack for Les Miserables (Fantiiiine![…]

The Time I Catfished Somebody I Knew IRL

I know we just flipped our calendars over to 2016, but tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999!  That’s right – we’re going back to the days of dial-up internet! If you had to google either of the phrases “dial-up internet” or “party like it’s 1999,” I’m gonna bet that[…]

When I’m Scared, I Tell Myself…

Moments of bravery:  we all have them.  Do you, like me, use your personal moments of bravery in times of struggle?  In a previous post, I mentioned how much I challenged myself in 2015 and the confidence those moments of challenge gave me when faced with mundane, everyday moments of[…]

2015 Best Nine Instagrams

What the hell is this post, a shameless plug for my Instagram?  On the one hand, yes definitely.  On the other hand, I’ve felt an Instagram rant has been long overdue from me and I want to get my feelings out there and see what you think.  But first, the[…]

Body Acceptance Road Trip

Let’s go on a journey! ROAD TRIP!  We’re on our Body Acceptance journey, gurl – just you, and me, the Nagging Little Voice Inside Your Head!  And you’re in the driver’s seat – not food, not thinking about food, not wondering how many rice cakes is an ounce.  Ugh!  Whose[…]

Rainy Sunday Morning Update

First off, thanks for all your kind comments, tweets, and (mom) concerned texts about my cold – can’t say I’m 100% yet, but I feel like I’m sloooooowly getting better! Aside from work and doctor’s visits, I’ve been laying pretty low at home, but I had my first social venture[…]

5 Things I Learned in 2015

I went through so many changes in 2015 that I had a hard time narrowing down just five things I learned.  Instead of joking (whaaaa?! me, not joking?) about silly things like “I learned how to pencil in my eyebrows,” I took the high road by listing the serious lessons[…]

How [NOT] to Get Well Soon

Hey everybody, I’m sick!  Yes, ‘still.’  In fact, I’ve been sick for this entire year (and then some)!  I’m afraid it’s GCD – Generic Coughing Disease.  GCD first broke out as an epidemic sometime around 2001, during the peak of my obsession with Les Miserables (“Oh, Fantine…”) and the release[…]

Whole New World of Skin Care

It’s all I’ve been talking about and it finally happened!  On the last gasp of 2015, I had my long-awaited dermatology consultation!  Oh, my dermatologist is the greatest.  Dr. McFabulous listened to me, took a look at my scalp, and sent me on my way with three prescriptions: two for[…]

Stop Hassling Couples On Their Phones!!

It’s open season on couples who use their cell phones in each other’s presence. Admit it – in the gut of your heart, when you see a man and woman in the candlelit corner of some hip, romantic restaurant staring lovingly into their…PHONES…you probably sneer, or scoff, or joke to[…]

I’m Sick of Being Sick!

What did you get for Christmas?  I got the longest-lasting cold!!  I brought it back to New York City with me and maybe I didn’t treat it right: On the first day of sickness, I went to the hospital (for my dermatology appointment, more on that later!) and sat for[…]

Currently… in January 2016

FEELING:  I brought a head cold home with me from Christmas, and it’s knocking me out big time!  I’ve been sick for five days, and I’m so over it. WATCHING:  My boyfriend and I have been watching Jessica Jones together, and sometimes Star Trek: The Next Generation.  On my own,[…]