Leggings Are My Kryptonite

One of my pet goals is to try to be a “better” feminist.  I want to set a good example by my own actions, refusing to participate in girl hate, eschewing judgement, and supporting each other in our choices, whatever they may be. 

But there’s one choice.  One choice.  One I cannot get behind.

Because it’s weird.  Because they’re not pants.  Because leggings…wait for it…are underwear.

Fancy Batman Black Milk leggings model wears leggings UNDER long shirt…
…BECAUSE THEY’RE UNDERWEAR and she knows it!!!

Irrefutable logic in 3…2…1…

But, Meghan, you want to say, superheroes wear leggings. To
this I say, yes they do.  But let’s examine WHY, okay? 

CLARK KENT wears a suit on top of HIS leggings on the off
chance he needs to fight crime, he can just tear off that Daily Planet drab in a phone
booth and go leap tall buildings in a single bound. 

When PETER PARKER hears someone scream for help, he just slips easily out of his jeans into his LEGGINGS, shoots web out of his wrists and swings into action.

HOW ARE THEY ABLE TO TRANSITION SO EASILY INTO ACTION MODE?  Is it the radioactive spider sense?  Is it the laser vision?  NO, obviously.  IT’S THE UNDERWEAR!!!  Leggings fit nicely under your everyday attire because

Deadpool leggings from Super Hero Stuff.
Don’t be caught “dead” in just your underwear…
…or do.  It’s your choice.  RAH RAH FEMINISM!


As a feminist, I *totally support* your deliberate choice to wear your underwear publicly and proudly.  Ladies, that is your choice, and I support it.  Wear your underwear proudly!  Or wear NO underwear!  Or wear underwear UNDER your underwear, like a proud female Tobias Funke!  But…don’t wear leggings and tell me they’re not underwear. 

Because they are.  Even Clark Kent knows this, and he’s from another planet.  ANOTHER.  PLANET. 

Harley Quinn leggings from Hot Topic.  Hey – some men just want to watch the world burn.
And some women want to wear underwear in public.  We’re all a little crazy, eh, Dr. Quinzel?

Leggings are garments you wear UNDER other garments.  They’re underwear.  And if you’re cool with that, I’m cool with that.  But don’t tell me they’re pants.  THEY.  ARE.  NOT.  PANTS.

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