5 Fandom Friday: Geek Role Models

Geeks…among us.  They’re out there.  Real-life geeks who are changing the world and making it an amazing place for us all.  Today, we salute you.  We praise you for paving the way for us to crawl out of our Netflix bunkers and wave our freak flags proudly! 1.  Neil deGrasse[…]

Starship Troopers

This is arguably the most famous of Heinlein’s novels and I would venture to say it is probably the least typical Heinlein novel.  The humour is sparse, there’s almost no sexual encounters, and the female characters can be counted on one hand.  While I always enjoy The Dean’s writing, I[…]

5 Fandom Friday: Cross My Heart

Oh my clever title…this week’s topic is “Crossovers that would cause my heart to explode” (get it?)  and while I’ve never been one for the crossovers (Why does Angel gotta come back to Buffy?  LEAVE LEAVE LEAVE NOW), I can think of a couple that might be fun to watch…[…]

A Gentleman’s Guide to Street Harassment

What’s up, Ladies?  Being a woman, as statistically most of you are, you’ve been street harassed, and you probably didn’t like it.  But this is Major News to the minority 49% of the population of the world (also known as “that guy who shouted that inappropriate thing at me”), so[…]

Cylons At Home

I don’t actually know how I feel about this, but my house is wired.  Networked.  Vulnerable to Cylon attack.  I live with intelligent computers who secretly hate me.  Okay, that’s a little dramatic.  Maybe they just don’t like me. This has been a scorching summer, one for the record books. […]

5 Fandom Friday: You Said It

This week’s 5 Fandom Friday is inspired by la langue de geek, it’s those geeky phrases by which we all identify each other and converse by droppin catchphrases yo! 1.  “It’s in the frackin’ ship!”  oh man, this more than probably any is my favourite to whip out during parties. […]

Don’t Let Them See You Wash Your Face

Everyone, everywhere has an opinion about what you should not do in the presence of your SigOth (that’s SIGnificant OTHer, for the uninitiated).  Most people agree it’s best not to pick your nose in front of your partner, and “pooping” seems to be there across the board as well, but[…]

Spitting Distance

New York!  You can live here for years, and still have no idea what’s happening.  It’s been almost seven years for me, and I can’t begin to tell you why it’s so weird. Take yesterday night in SoHo, for instance.  I was all dressed up to go to a gallery[…]

I Was Told There’d Be Cake, by Sloane Crosley

As soon as I finished the first chapter of I Was Told There’d Be Cake, I realized something:  Sloane Crosley was the friend from Long Island I never had in college. Her humorous essays are very conversational, relateable, and then…they take a turn for the absurd.  I found myself smacking[…]

5 Fandom Friday: Other People’s Puppies

Rules were made to be broken, nerds!  Since I missed last week because I was, you know, up at a cabin in the middle of nowhere, turning 31, I decided to backtrack this week and cover last week’s topic.  And do it a little differently.  Basically, today I’m going to[…]

Currently… in August 2015

FEELING:  You know what?  Summer vacation has been everything I dreamed of.  I am so grateful for this time to relax and focus on one job at a time!  I feel like my life is not a crisis anymore. WATCHING:  For the first time in months, I have the time[…]

Greetings and Salutations

The first step to meeting new people is saying hello.  This is also the most dangerous step!  There are so many ways to greet and be greeted and, if you’re awkward and terrified like me, these are fraught with peril.  A simple, “Hello, nice to meet you,” can appear cold[…]