5 Fandom Friday: I'm Cool Like…

This week’s prompt is to list fictional characters that you identify with.  As much as I wish I was totall awesome like Buffy Summers and Donna Noble, I’m probably just lame like these guys: 1.  Batgirl of Burnside  probably the reason I keep reading is because despite how she makes[…]


Yes, it’s true, I’m officially moving to Brooklyn this weekend!  The nightmare that is moving in NYC (don’t get me started) is more like a dream come true!  As I write this, there is a perfectly passionate thunderstorm rolling overhead and my first thought is, “I can’t wait for my[…]

I Will Fear No Evil

What do you get when you put the brain of a dying old man into the body of an impossibly hot young woman?  I Will Fear No Evil explores every possible angle of a horny old man being surgically implanted into the body of his secretary to prolong his life. […]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Brown Rice Pasta Fusilli

Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Pasta Fusilli Tastes Like:  Pasta!  You probably would never know the difference if I snuck this to you on the sly and never tipped my hand.  The uncooked brown colour fades and the pasta looks like regular wheat pasta…if maybe a little more translucent. Great With: […]

5 Fandom Friday: Nerdiest Things I’ve Ever Done

Time to spill the beans:  the nerdiest things you’ve ever done!  I pretty much think everything I do is pretty nerdy, and I’m pretty sure I’d get a lot of backup on that one as well.  1.  Work for a walking tour company  unlike some items on this list, I’m[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Salt Water Taffy

Trader Joe’s Salt Water Taffy Tastes Like:  Taffy!  Very sticky, if you’re a stickler for texture.  The Red Licorice flavour is, surprisingly, my favourite!  Followed by the Watermelon, which is just a bit more unique than average watermelon flavour.  The Strawberry Banana is just this side of cloying (still good!)[…]

When the Tripods Came

Full disclosure:  this is a children’s book.  Yes, friends, this is how 1988 does YA dystopian sci-fi.  No icky love triangles, no pseudo-sexual undercurrents, no preachy abstinence subtext.  Just tripods. What I love about the Tripods is that they’re unpredictable.  No little green men screeching “TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER,”[…]

5 Fandom Friday: Binge-worthy

This week’s prompt is your most binge-worthy TV shows!  I have so many that when I start, I just can’t stop.  I don’t have “normal” TV, so all I ever do is stream, stream, stream on my Hulu!  Here’s my most guilty binge-pleasures: 1.  Battlestar Galactica  is like Pringles –[…]

A Mile in Grown-Up Shoes

Let’s face it:  being an adult is hard, from your head down to your toes.  You not only have to think and act like an adult, you also have to dress like one!  I have been mostly successful at avoiding this until yesterday, when special circumstances warranted that I wear…grown-up[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Vegetable Panang Curry

Trader Joe’s Vegetable Panang Curry Tastes Like:  Slightly sweet (coconut?) surry with a nice medley of vegetables over AMAZING RICE.  I am not usually a rice fan, but when rice is done well, it’s excellent.  And this rice that you cook in the microwave is excellent. Great With:  A little[…]

Convergence: Nightwing and Oracle

Nightwing may get top billing in this two-part Convergence story, but it’s Oracle (Barbara Gordon) who clearly steals the show.  Told mostly from her perspective, the story examines the more human aspects of being trapped under the giant dome. In very few well-chosen words and images, the reader quickly understands[…]

Days of Daze

I feel absolutely dreadful for not keeping up with this blog how I used to.  And then I remember I feel absolutely dreadful in general.  I’m one of those people who spends the beginning of allergy season in a complete daze.  I can’t stop sneezing.  I can’t sleep at night[…]

5 Fandom Friday: OH MAMA!

In honor of Mother’s Day (probably?) let’s dish on favourite moms!  Kinda weird, but okay… 1.  Joyce Summers  was the coolest of the cool teenage vampire slayers’ moms.  Sure, Buffy and her’s relationship wasn’t always perfect, but she stuck up for her daughter and was pretty badass in her own[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Tomato & Basil Hummus Dip

Trader Joe’s Tomato and Basil Hummus Dip Tastes Like:  Sweet, creamy tomato sauce!  This is the THING! Great With:  Carrots, corn tortilla, maybe even crickets!  Just kidding.  Maybe. Perfect For:  Hummus ennui – when you think you’ve been around and had it all, and can’t tell the difference anymore.  This[…]

Currently… in May 2015

FEELING:  reinvigorated:  blue skies are my high.  I’m a summer baby, through and through.  Seeing sunshine (even though it’s still blustery and cold) is giving me hope for warmer temperatures ahead! WATCHING:  The Twilight Zone for my lesson planning.  Work has consumed my life.  More on that later… LISTENING TO: […]