I Heart Valentine’s Day

Say what you like – bitter denizens of the internet.  Valentine’s Day absolutely rules.  For one thing, it’s SO much better than Christmas.  Christmas is a weirdly-religious holiday when you’re obligated to buy presents for people to prove that you love them.  It’s also hectic and crazy, shoves itself in[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: GIANT Peruvian Inca Corn

Trader Joe’s GIANT Peruvian Inca Corn Tastes Like:  trying to put a name to this flavor was a real head-scratcher.  My roommate said they taste like corn Pops, only salty instead of sweet.  They have a kernally crunch to them, though, that’s hard to describe.  They’re hard at the inside,[…]

Currently…in February 2015

FEELING:  Excited!  February has my second-favourite holiday – Valentine’s Day!  As a (usually hopeless) romantic, I’m a sucker for chocolate and hearts and chocolate and roses and chocolate and love songs and chocolate!  During February, everything red and pink is VALENTINES!!!  Lovey-dovey and sweet and perfect and I’m thrilled! WATCHING: […]