5 Fandom Friday: Talkin’ Cosplay

The super-cool ladies The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick started this ol’s thing called 5 Fandom Friday!  Each Friday is a different theme and this week, we’re talking about the five characters we’d like to dress up as for Halloween:

1.  Any Classic Doctor Who  I already have the Tom Baker scarf, I would love to try to pull off a bowtie and suspenders like 2…or the dandy frippery of 3!  How classic and cool would anyone look, really, in a beige suit with celery?  Punctuate that with a question-mark umbrella!

2.  Sailor Moon  I mean, we have so much in common – both of us being boy-crazy, dessert-lovin’ melodramatic klutzes and all.  Not to mention the fact that I am reincarnated from the Moon Princess…  er, maybe not.  But Usagi fights for love and justice, summoning up the strength that she derives from her friends and from knowing that she must do what is right.  What better girl-power heroine could there be?

3.  Any Heinlein babe  I have become obsessed with Heinlein for many good reasons and would love to show my geek pride by dressing up as any of the Heinlein female characters – Adorable Dora, Friday, or Maureen Johnson.  Unfortunately, nobody would grok my meaning and also, most Heinlein ladies typically walk around in the buff.  Who needs clothes? Uh, I DO.  ENNNT.  Not gonna do it.

4.  Six  …but only on the condition that I get tinny, sexy music to follow me around (and get to hang all over Gaius Baltar…meeee-ow!)

5.  Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness  ummm, is this a thing?  Could I pull this off?  It would be terribly difficult…but totally worth it for the obscurity and because that’s probably my favourite album of all time!

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6 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: Talkin’ Cosplay

    1. Thanks! I wear it all over town and nobody usually notices…until the time I faux pas-ed and wore it to The Way Station, a Doctor Who-themed bar in Brooklyn! I felt like a dope for "cosplaying" to go barhopping but I got so many compliments there because EVERYONE got the reference!

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