5 Fandom Friday: I WANT CANDY!

Wow-ee!  It’s been a month of linking up with The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick to play 5 Fandom Friday!  This was my favourite prompt so far and the easiest to answer: 1.  Mounds &  2.  Almond Joy  I was lucky growing up that both of my brothers and my mother[…]

#tbt The Closet Costume

Ahhh, the art of the Closet Costume – a Halloween costume pulled together last-minute out of things you already own in your closet.  This photo wasn’t taken last week, it was taken twenty (eep!)ish years ago.  I was a hippie for Halloween that year (proof that some things never change?)[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Cage Free Fresh Hard-Cooked Peeled Eggs

Trader Joe’s Cage Free Fresh Hard-Cooked Peeled Eggs Tastes Like:  perfectly – perfectly – hard-boiled eggs.  Great With:  cheese plates, fresh fruit, cottage cheese, breakfast and snack! Perfect For:  turning into Devilled Eggs!  Cut in half, (gently!) scoop out the yolks, mash them together with mayonaise, cumin, vinegar or pickle[…]

Escargot All Out

When you’re dashing to a lunch date with your feller and he texts you this picture: …you know your lazy Sunday is about to get a whole lot more interesting. The plan was to meet at The Lobster Place in Chelsea Market (home of The Food Network.  No, really).  We[…]

Balsamic Berry Brownie Bonanza

You guys you guys you guys.  My life has been changed forever. I have learned how to make my own ice cream. Now, you know how I hate to cook, but trust me, this is so easy, even I don’t hate it.  And I’m barely competent enough to boil water. […]

5 Fandom Friday: Halloween Movies

Time again for more 5 Fandom Friday with The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick!  This week’s topic is Halloween movies you must see – which is hard because I don’t really have many!  I could only think of three that I *MUST* see every year: 1.  It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie[…]

#tbt Happy Birthday, Old Diane

In 2006, when I was a lowly transfer student at Binghamton University, a tall handsome ginger approached me in Watters Lobby and…asked me when I knew about AIDS lesions. That handsome ginger would go on to become one of my very best friends.  Seriously though, isn’t he HOT??? Well, TOO[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Pumpkin Cream Cheese

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Cream Cheese Spread Tastes Like:  Cream cheese with a cinnamon tang.  I didn’t really get a strong “pumpkin” flavor from this, more like “pumpkin spice cheesecake.” Great With:  bagels, English muffins, toast, any bread (or gluten-free bread!) product! Perfect For:  making mini-personalized pumpkin cheesecakes!  one of my favourite[…]


If I tell you what Friday is about, you’ll cringe.  I cringed.  And I’m Heinlein’s NUMBER ONE FAN.  But yeah, it’s hard not to cringe at the back cover: But what do we know about judging a book by it’s cover?  That ya shouldn’t oughta do it, that’s what.  And[…]

Trader Joe's Tuesday: Soy Chorizo

Trader Joe’s Soy Chorizo Tastes Like:  SPOILER ALERT.  this may be the most delicious thing I’ve bought at Trader Joe’s EVER.  It’s spicy but not TOO spicy, the texture is sorta like ground beef but BETTER, less chewy. Great With:  the instructions say to sauté to heat it up, and[…]

Sunday at NYCC

Sunday was my longest day so far at New York Comic Con, with the least photos to show for it!  I decided to try to throw together a last-minute costume and felt really cute doing this twee, hipster, gender-bent Fourth Doctor!  Saw the talking K-9 and couldn’t resist.  We made[…]

Saturday at NYCC 2014

So on Saturday at NYCC 2014 my friend dressed up as Ragdoll from Secret Six.  I spent a good part of the day taking photographs of his awesome cosplay and of getting his mask signed by Gail Simone – who confirmed NEW SECRET SIX STARTING IN DECEMBER!  At least we[…]

Friday at NYCC 2014

Friday morning I was all set to get to NYCC2014 bright and early when disaster struck! A water main broke on my subway line – where’s Aquaman when you actually NEED him? – and I wound up missing the only panel I really wanted to see that day.  It took[…]

5 Fandom Friday: Nerdrobe Must-Haves

Welcome back to the second thrilling installment of 5 Fandom Friday with The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick!  This week, we’re talking about clothes.  Nerdy clothes!  Frak yes!  My nerdrobe (that’s a portmanteau of “nerd” and “wardrobe”, guh!) is pretty full to begin with but could always cast a spell to[…]

#tbt Last Year’s ComicCon

TOMORROW IS NYCC NEW YORK COMIC CON! I hope everyone’s cosplay is finished, have gotten their flu shots, have bought enough granola bars to stuff into their bags, and have slid insoles into their Storm Trooper boots.  I am so excited to drool on Artist’s Alley, to finger all the[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Dark Chocolate Nutty Bits

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Nutty Bits Tastes Like:  Part granola bar, part chocolate dessert treat. Great With:  Nobody.  Don’t share these.  Eat them alone in a dark corner where no one can witness your shame. Perfect For:  Those times when you “feel like a nut.”  Or for sneaking into ComicCon[…]

Geeky Confessions

Circling around the blogosphere is a little link-up started by Mariko of Gamerwife.  Loads of other nerds have listed their geek confessions and I think it does the world some good to see that there is diversity and acceptance out there, even for people who think that Riley was the[…]

5 Fandom Friday: Gateway Fandoms

The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick are running a two-month long community building project ( ? ) called Five Fandom Friday!  You know I love to play these wicked games and I couldn’t resist joining in on the fun!  If you do, too, please comment a link to your post as[…]

#tbt Baby’s First ComicCon

Okay, okay, so these photos are only from 2012.  But with NYCC only ONE WEEK AWAY, I thought it was appropriate to share these photos of my first time at ComicCon!  I had so much fun, I mean, LOOK at that face!  I even got to live out my dream[…]

Currently… in October 2014

FEELING:  Optimistic.  Lucky.  Happy.  Things are going swell and I really can’t complain!  I’m a little busy, and kind of overwhelmed by that, but I like being busy!  Or so I keep telling myself! WATCHING:  NOTHING!  And I’m not even bothered one bit.  I have loads of Sailor Moon to[…]