Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Rice Pudding

Trader Joe’s Rice Pudding Tastes Like:  Not too sweet, not too liquid, pleasantly chunky and delicious rice pudding! Great With:  Lychees on top, a side of ice cream, and some English muffin to dip in it. Perfect For:  Dessert that fools you into thinking it’s healthier than it actually is?[…]

To The Infant I Couldn't Stop Staring At In The Laundromat

hi, little guy.  I hope I didn’t creep you out by staring at you in your impossibly tiny sweatsuit.  I doubt if you even noticed – your eyes wide and flicking all over the room, pausing on each new amazing sight to process and file it away.  everything is new[…]

Things I Love Thursday – Fall Edition

Autumn is my favourite season and I’m feeling especially amorous towards many things lately… 1.  the color Orange:  I have been seen wearing a Bumper Bowling Buddies t-shirt around town that I got as participation for a bowling league I was in…when I was six.  it still fits!  orange is[…]

Trader Joe's Tuesday: Dried Flattened Banana

Trader Joe’s Dried Flattened Banana Tastes Like:  Banana-bread-flavored Fruit Roll Ups. Great With:  a pinch of salt and a dash of cinnamon makes these puppies REALLY sing, but they’re great on their own too! Perfect For:  an unexpected addition to a sandwich, vegan fruity “lox” on a bagel, sushi or[…]

#tbt Everybody’s Doin’ It

Back when I was in first or second grade, I begged my parents to let me pierce my ears.  All my friends were showing up at school with dainty, sparkly studs, and I wanted to be just as grown-up as they were!  My parents’ answer was an emphatic NO.  “You’re[…]

Trader Joe's Tuesday: Crispy Crunchy Jackfruit Chips

Trader Joe’s Crispy Crunchy Jackfruit Chips Tastes Like:  Very thick banana-and-passion-fruit-flavored Fritos. Great With:  I have to be honest, my boyfriend and I tried dipping these in almost everything in my fridge.  These are totally the loner of the dried fruit aisle: I had a hard time finding complements for[…]

Time Enough For Love

There are some Heinlein books that are speedy, breezy adventures.  Others will take over your life, seep into your soul, refuse to let go, wrong you out like a sponge and then sop you full of brilliance.  Time Enough for Love may be the epitome of such a novel. Confession:[…]

The Kindness of Strangers

As he stepped up to the cash register I stood behind, he hooked the cane he had used to make his way to me slowly over his forearm.  He was strikingly handsome, for a man easily more than double my age.  His face hung from high cheekbones, pure white hair[…]

#tbt Dance, Dance

This photo is from late August 2007 and the real beginning of my adult life and as such, I am in a toy store.  playing DDR.  and falling in love with New York City.  a year later, I would move to the Big Apple – September 8th, 2008, and from[…]

Trader Joe's Tuesday: Apple Carrot Crushers

Trader Joe’s Apple Carrot Crushers Tastes Like:  Pumpkin spice applesauce.  Sweet and slightly savory, with a definite “vegetable healthy yum” undertone! Great With:  Greek yogurt…or just by itself as a snack alongside some Chai tea or gluten-free ginger snaps! Perfect For:  A midnight snack, or really, snack on the go.  throw[…]

Have Space Suit – Will Travel

Robert A. Heinlein has two modes: one is for long, drawn out emotional epics that will never leave you filled with characters who feel as close as family. But never forget that he also writes fast, fun stories like Have Space Suit -Will Travel. Meet Kip Russel, starry eyed –[…]