I’ve spent the better part of the past year – maybe even longer – fretting about my impending 30th birthday. it seems like such a monumental number.  like New Year’s Eve, or Daylight Savings.  when the clock flips over on midnight, I will be thirty. everything different.  a whole new[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Organic Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Trader Joe’s Organic Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper Soup Tastes Like:  Spaghetti-O’s without the noodles.  Boom.  Light and sweet, tangy tomatoey flavor. Great With:  Rice cakes on the side, or dipped in.  Small broccoli florets tossed on top.  And maybe just the TINIEST garnish of cheese. Perfect For:  Quick and[…]

Stranger in a Strange Land

Once you grok this book, you won’t be able to put it down. Stranger in a Strange Land, my most recent Heinlein conquest, tells the story of Valentine Michael Smith, “Mike” to his friends, a human being born on Mars.  Raised by Martians, Mike returns to Earth to grok our[…]

#tbt Grandma’s Birthday

My Grandma is an awesomely funny lady. She just turned 89 two days ago.  This photo is from her 80th birthday party a.k.a. the last time I wore a blouse to please my mother.  I’m sure I was sweltering in the late July heat, here.  Ugh!  Look at those neutrals! […]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Dilettante Fruit Medley

Dilettante Fruit Medley Tastes Like:  Moist fruit chunks ensconced in a thick layer of chocolate with a sweet layer of white chocolate on the outside.  Dense and chewy and lush and tangy.  Great With:  Coffee in the morning, tea at night, more and more of these.  Chocolate addicts, pay heed! […]


Today would have marked the 31st Birthday of my good friend, Aaron, who passed away three years ago this past winter.  The occasion never passes without its share of memories and the feeling of unfairness it brings.  Every year it gets easier to believe the unbelievable, that my friend is[…]


Ladies and gentlemen, my esteemed readership:  as you read this I am waking up in my childhood home, probably hours before anyone else, debating whether it’s worth waking the dog to trek downstairs to frustrate myself attempting to operate the coffee maker.  In the meantime, please help yourself to some[…]


This photo isn’t dated, but to the best of my knowledge, it was taken sometime in the spring of 2006-7.  I have no recollection of the time or who I was with but I remember spending glorious hours hanging out with my friends in the local WAL*MART.  It was a[…]

Trader Joe's Tuesday: Nonfat Greek Yogurt

Trader Joe’s Nonfat Greek Yogurt Tastes Like:  Fage – tastes just like Fage but at a fraction of the price.  Thick, rich, ever-so-slightly bitter in that perfect Greek yogurt way.  Great With:  A dash of raisins stirred in.  Or some wacky flavoured jam!  Or scooped out like dip for navel[…]

The Colossus of New York

Once you read Colson Whitehead’s Colossus of New York, you’ll never look at the city again.  His keen observations in short snippets are the perfect bon mot to pepper your conversations with annoy your friends with.  “Colson Whitehead says “…you are a New Yorker the minute you say, ‘That used[…]

One Hundred Demons

Fear not!  One Hundred Demons by Lynda Barry is not entirely scary!  It is sweet, insightful, revealing…and because of that, it is completely terrifying. Lynda Barry’s demons take the form of all of our fears and hopes gone awry.  I don’t want to spoil a single moment of this beautiful[…]

#tbt Flattering

I always thought neon pink was a flattering colour on me.  Soft lighting, my best friend.  And as far as flattering angles go, those of us with big noses know to look no further than the overhead angle.  Boom.

Trader Joe's Tuesday: Eggplant Garlic Spread

Trader Joe’s Eggplant Garlic Spread Tastes Like:  Kind of like moist, savory baba ganoush… Great With:  Spread, as they suggest, on rice crackers or corn cakes.  A dip for carrots (my favourite)! Perfect For:  This would be a great spread for sandwiches.  I used it in a pasta dish with[…]

Charles James: Beyond Fashion at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

I am not lying when I say that I was nearly moved to tears at the Charles James:  Beyond Fashion exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  When people say they are “stunned” by grandeur, this is precisely what they must be talking about.  The exhibit does not allow photos[…]

#tbt Clingin’ to Big Red

Back in 2005, I was clinging to a lot of things I probably shouldn’t have.  The delusion that I could still pull off being a blonde.  I’m talking full-time blonde here, of course, not the partial blonde that I currently rock to, if I may say so myself, great success.[…]

Currently…in July 2014

FEELING:  Dotty and dopey and dripping with dandyness!  Sunny days are here at last and I’m making the most of it, stretching my legs on the sidewalks and giving flight to my fancies.  I’m taking strolls and seeing sights so sweet it’s like my heart could burst.  WATCHING: Monday Night[…]

Trader Joe's Tuesday: French Vanilla Coffee

Trader Joe’s French Vanilla Ground Coffee Tastes Like:  Nutty, bitter, and dark…just how I like my men. Great With:  something sweet at breakfast-time.  Wonderful for machines, but perhaps a little too rough-ground for pour-over method. Perfect For:  MORNINGS. Must Know:  labelled Kosher on the package! Costs:  $6.99 – pretty competitive[…]