Batman: The Long Halloween

Sometimes when I’m reading a Batman book, a collection or graphic novel, it can feel like a Very Special Episode.  Where random villains show up for no apparent reason but to guest star for three or four pages and remind you that they do, in fact, exist.  “Why is the[…]

Last Word

I saw a post like this on Sometimes Sweet and thought it would be a nice way to get back into the swing of blogging by way of TALKING ABOUT ME.  Yeah, I’ve been busy.  I have other friends.  So what?  Here ya go. Last thing you cooked:   I don’t[…]

Ugly Naked Gal

An open letter to the creep pointing and laughing at me from across the alley: Dear Jerk, So you’ve noticed I like walking around my apartment naked.  Yes, when home alone, I walk around my apartment naked.  I’m sure most people do.  I’ve been walking around naked at this particular[…]

Hit and Miss

Okay, so I’m pretty hit and miss at posting lately.  I’ve been pretty hit and miss at everything, really! I’m hit and miss at the driving range.  LITERALLY!  Sometimes I can drive 75 yards…other times, I miss contact with the ball entirely!  Raising the tee helps considerably. I am also[…]

Dangerous Town

When you decide to make the move to New York City, you will find that the people around you never seem to tire of warning you how dangerous it will be. But, as I like to say, when desire surpasses fear, you will be surprised what you’re able to endure. […]

Batman: The Black Mirror

You guys you guys you guys!  This has been MY FAVOURITE Batman arc yet! Several things make it very unique: SPOILERS AHEAD! 1.  Dick Grayson is Batman (not your usual Bruce Wayne) 2.  There are several narrators:  Dick, Commissioner Gordon, even Harvey Bullock (for a couple of pages) 3.  The[…]

Currently… in April 2014

FEELING: I am working on healing.  I’m trying to eat better, and work through some personal issues that I’ve been having.  I’m trying to let go of a lot of my control issues, enjoy just “being”, and not worrying.   WATCHING: I just discovered Breaking Amish – talk about gripping! […]