Jacket Remodel

This is a story of having nothing to lose. So I pulled this jacket out of a Lost & Found bin.  It had been there a REALLY long time and basically, nobody was going to come back for it.  I called dibs.  It’s a children’s XL jacket but I liked[…]

If My Blog Was An Outfit

This meme has been floating around the bloggyverse, thanks to Ange’s linkup at Hairspray and High Heels!  You know I can’t resist a linkup, guys, even if my outfit for my blog is probably something really mundane like the clothes I wore to Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash out[…]

Drinking at the Movies

In the introduction to her book Drinking at the Movies, cartoonist Julia Wertz asserts that “the last thing New York needs is yet another ‘idealistic young’un moves to the big city and really gets put through the ringer before she beats the odds and makes it big!’ story.” WRONG. Drinking[…]

Poppin' Tags

I first discovered the local Salvation Army in high school.  I found this red dress for $16 and I was hooked. Back then, money was incredibly tight, as was my personal style.  I stuck rigidly to the tomboy persona I wanted to portray and desperately tried to disappear into my[…]

New Things

So this isn’t so much all NEW things.  I would call this list “Something old, something new, something borrowed” because the something blue is ME!  Winter keeps dragging on with no end in sight and I am SICK OF IT.  So here’s what I’m using to get through: SOMETHING OLD: […]

Pumpkin Curry

You know me, you know I never cook!  NEVER! That is, unless I really want to apologize impress.  I meant IMPRESS!  And this recipe is easy enough to accomplish with minimal skill and maximum recalcitrance.  Uh, I meant PIZZAZZ!  It’s a vegan adaptation of a soup I found through The[…]

Batman: Death of the Family

AAAAHHHHH the infamous Batman:  Death of the Family !!!  As you can see from the cover of this hardbound collection, this is one intense and disgusting ride.  It has a dust-cover of a mask of the Joker’s face, covering the actual cover revealing all the viscera because, in case you[…]

Black Hole

Since it is currently Will Eisner Week, I thought I’d let you guys in on a graphic novel that I just read that absolutely broke my heart: Set in the ’70s in suburban Seattle, Black Hole follows a group of teenagers navigating the tricky nuances of young love and romance[…]

Currently…in March 2014

FEELING: Completely DONE with winter!  The weather has been gross for what seems like an eternity.  Remember summer?  Remember not squishing yourself into layers upon layers of clothing and still freezing?  SO.  DONE.  WATCHING: Is anyone else out there TOTALLY ADDICTED to House of Cards?  It’s so slow-moving and subtle[…]

Not Hiding Under The Covers

There’s been a lot said lately, for one reason or another, about how brief life is. Friends, family, all dwelling on the idea of acting now while there’s still time because nothing is guaranteed.  And then somebody called me “fearless.”  FEARLESS.  I quite like the word. Is it fearless to[…]