My Friend Dahmer

OVER the weekend, I devoured Derf Backderf’s My Friend Dahmer – almost quicker than I would have liked!  This intimate portrait of the young serial killer is at once sympathetic to his unfortunate circumstances and condemning of his actions. TO be totally honest, I have been having dreams about high school[…]

Get Lucky

During my second tattoo session last summer, I was starting to go loopy from the pain.  I looked up at a statue of the lucky waving cats hovering over me like a watchful angel and mused: “I wonder what they’re called…” “It’s a maneki-neko.” my artist replied.  “Maneki-neko?” I repeated. […]

I Give Good Bedhead

Sleep troubles over!  I have been sleeping through the night!  And as a reward: Epic bedhead. It’s almost as if all of my subconscious worries are exiting my brain through the roots of my hair, like the snakes off Medusa’s head.  Or maybe I’m trying to be super metal.

Things I Love Thursday: Jack Kirby

If I asked you to name three famous superheroes off the top of your head… Chances are, none of those would be Jack Kirby creations. But, if I asked you to name three more, and three more, and three more…we could go on and on naming the famous faces Jack[…]

Bo Knows Comedy

Bo Burnham is not only adorable.  He’s also hysterical. Bo Burnham’s standup special “what.” is available to stream instantly on The Netflix.  It’s also on YouTube if you’re a Luddite and don’t believe in Netflix, but I don’t want to spoil anything for you.  Basically, it’s avant-garde, hilarious, and probably[…]

Charles the Great

This Valentine’s Day, Cupid brought us a little heartbreak. Our sweet family pet of almost fifteen years, Charlie, passed away peacefully at home. From Christmas – he hated having his photo taken.  You have to catch him asleep! Our family just became a little smaller and a lot sadder.  There[…]

We Need To Have A Conversation

HAPPY VALENTIMES DAY!  I love Valentine’s Day SO MUCH.  It might be my favourite holiday, after Halloween, of course!  Both holidays having strong associations to candy…hmm… And speaking of CANDY, it just wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without those chalky little hearts with tacky sayings on them!  Oh, everyone loves to[…]

Things I Love Thursday: Coffee vs. Tea

With tomorrow being Valentime’s Day and all, today’s battle for beverage supremacy is near and dear to my heart. Coffee will always be my first love.  When I wake up, my first act of consciousness is to start the percolation of a pot of coffee.  That first warm, dark sip[…]

The Epic Shrug / Bolero / Shawl

Fee fi fo fum, Yes, I’m a Pinterest troll.  While trolling the Pinterest, I saw this beautiful multi-way shawl / shrug / bolero thing in denizgunes’s Etsy shop : And it looked easy enough. ^  and those were her famous last words. But, having a shit-ton of time on my[…]

“Net” Your Average Love Story

Has anyone noticed that Netflix seems…a little different these days?  That all of our standby romantic comedies of the Meg Ryan ouevre are suddenly missing?  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, what are we supposed to watch, swaddled in flannel and spooning Ben & Jerry’s listlessly into our kissless[…]

Not For Typical Girls

If you have an hour and a half to kill watching some amazing rock and roll documentary, may I suggest this one? Last year, it seemed as though punk was all the rage, with the Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibit at the Met, and all the imitators.  What I love[…]

No Mo Snow

My poor, beloved NYC is suffocating under a mountain of snow. It seems like every two days there is a huge, major storm, and I can’t help but recall that scene from The Day After Tomorrow where the Statue of Liberty is poking out from under a frozen wasteland.  Never[…]

Things I Love Thursday: Robots vs. Unicorns

So I realized I haven’t done a “Things I Love Thursday” post in quite a while and immediately I knew what I had to write about:  unicorns. Is there anything more sweet and girly besides unicorns?  Um, probably.  But while most of that junk makes me want to yak, unicorns[…]

The Spider-Man Dream

Source:  Marvel’s wikia page So the other night, I fell asleep listening to Radiohead’s “No Surprises” and I had a dream that I was Spider-Man. For the first part of the dream, it was awesome:  retired from fighting crime having restored peace and justice to the city, I had bought[…]

As Though You Have Never Been Hurt Before

I’m sure you’ve all seen this quote before: I know I’ve seen this quote a bunch and I always dismissed it as being a little bit insipid.  Oh yeah, live life with abandon, blah blah blah.  Of course, now I appreciate the last line a little more as an Atheist. […]

Currently…in February 2014

It’s been a year of “Currently” posts!  And what a year since I’ve started!  Phew! FEELING:  Dizzy and giddy and hopeful and delighted!  Valentine’s Day is coming up and I don’t care what people say, I FUCKING LOVE VALENTINE’S DAY!  For crying out loud, I have hearts and roses tattooed[…]