Reality Check

What really sucks about death is that it shows us how much we take for granted. My own dear father recently lamented that he’d always imagined growing old surrounded by the ones he loved, when a scare showed him that such a future might not be possible.  Death is that[…]

3 AM

I don’t know if it’s stress, or neighbors, or some weird biological fault of mine, but for the past few weeks as far back as I can remember, I have been waking up at 3am every morning. Oh, I must be lonely.  That must be it. And when I say[…]

Gadgets and Gizmos

I am a total Luddite.  I’ve been using iOS 5 for like, three years!  Because of, you know, Cylon threat, and all that.  But lately I’ve been – dare I say? – embracing technology?  And I’ve discovered some great stuff: My Dynex External Battery is my favourite toy ever.  I[…]

Going Rogue

Every year. Every year I say “I’m not going to bleach my hair ever again!” And then whoops. I do.

What’s Your Flavor?

Big big news in the food world.  Oreo, milk’s favourite cookie, has launched two new flavors:  cookie dough and marshmallow crispy.  Viscerally upsetting to me, avoiding gluten as I am (aside from a slip-up that resulted in a MASSIVE rash last week, thanks for sharing).  Both sound amazing but could[…]

Technical Difficulties

Ever have one of those days? I swear it all started when I tried to update my iPhone 4 from iOS 5, which I have been happily using FOR YEARS, to iOS 7 so I can use the updated version of Skype.  WELL.  Not only did it not take for[…]

Baggage Claim

As I get older I talk less and less. ….about my baggage. There is some baggage that’s easy to claim.  The nice stuff.  The baggage where we triumph, the baggage where we learn to become the hero.  That nice, rolling kind with the rotating 360 degree wheels.  It’s easy for[…]

Hungry Eyes

Winter in NYC bites the big one.  It’s cold and the wet and filthy and our main punching bag, the tourists we love to hate, have all gone home.  What is there to do? Invent a new cateye, perhaps? What do you think?  Too much?

Epic Rap Battles of History

Mad rhymes for your Tuesday morning.  Epic Rap Battles of History pits famous historical and cultural figures against one another.  What do you think? 1.  Adolf Hitler vs. Darth Vader I think Darth Vader totally won this one!  What do you think? 2.  Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates Bill Gates,[…]

Heroes and Villains

While I’m coping with a lot of confusing emotions, I find comic book movies very soothing.  Hero wins the day, black-and-white morality.  Specifically, the humor of The Avengers and the idealism of Captain America.  Superheros can always be trusted to try their hardest, do their best, have what’s right in[…]

Love Is Like Bubble Gum

I.  Love is Like Bubble Gum Love is like Bubble Gum. At first, it’s really hard. Then it’s SO SWEET. For like, a minute. And then it starts to break apart. But you keep chewing it because you don’t want to believe that it’s already over. And when you finally[…]

Teething Again!

Remember about six months ago, when my wisdom tooth was acting up and I endured severe mouth pain so bad I hated to even talk?  It’s back again.  I’m teething in full force, and that’s my excuse for not being able to compose proper bloggage right now.  I’ll be over[…]

Cat Hat

It’s freezing in NYC So I made a cat hat. A million rows of garter stitches, joined into a short tube, sewn flat across the top… cats always land on all four feet.

Checking Out

He was definitely checking me out. He looked me up and down before focusing on my boots, smiled right into my face and said, “Nice boots.” I think maybe I scowled and kept on walking.  I was on my way to work, after all, and in no mood to entertain[…]

Snowbound Saturday

Hiya!  It’s snowy and awful here in New York City, and my mom is coming in to visit for the day!  I’m leaving the house, whether I like it or not, and going to try to have fun.  In the meantime, here’s a bunch of bits from the internet that[…]

Roberson Museum

My hometown, Binghamton, NY, is home to the Roberson Museum and Science Center.  High on my list of things to do when I visited for the holidays was checking out this little gem, as well as their annual Christmas tree exhibit, as pictured above! There was also a brilliant quilt[…]

Mega-Throwback Thursday!!!

When you visit the family, and the boxed wine gets flowing, eventually the photo albums creep out from their hiding place.  What results then is a firestorm of Instagramming photos from decades ago!  Awww!  So cute, I was!  This is one of my favourite photos of me, of all time.[…]

Currently…in January 2014

FEELING:  Really down.  I just got dumped two days ago, and it hit me really hard.  I don’t know if it’s the season, or if I’m really in a rut, but nothing about what I’m doing right now feels right.  My job is getting on my nerves, I’m tired of[…]