I Am 29 Going On 80

So apparently I am an old fogey now.  I was exhausted all day at work after a late night.  What was I doing?  I drank too much tea, got all hopped up on caffeine, and was embroidering listening to Glenn Miller and his orchestra. I’m totally fine with this.  I’ll[…]

Be Weird

Source Lately I have been thinking a lot about a girl I went to school with.  Let’s call her Sarah Wilson.  She was very pretty. Not just in the objective way:  she looked exactly the way every heroine ever would have been described.  Long, blonde hair with natural highlights cut[…]

1 Year Old!

I completely forgot! November 17th was my one-year anniversary of my two left-hand tattoos (in my head I called them “the twins” because they happened in the same sitting) Happy Birthday, babies!!!

Day of the Doctor

So, did all my Whovians watch “Day I the Doctor” yet?  Because I literally devoted an entire day to the viewing of the 50th Anniversary special and sundry other associated programs. First, the pilot, of course:  which originally aired fifty years ago on November 23rd, 1963:  “An Unearthly Child.”  Followed[…]


I know it’s very trendy these days to throw around the phrase “I don’t cook,” but trust me when I say, I don’t cook.   Oh, I could tell you horror stories about past attempts at such domesticity.  Over-sautรฉed vegetables that taste like mush.  Under-grilled fish that may have resulted[…]

Chain Mail

I love questionnaires! I found this one courtesy, once again, of Angie from Lariats and Lavender, which is a blog I’ve been a fan of for a long time!, who found it from Kyla at Kyla is Inspired, which is a blog I just discovered and is really lovely!!! 1. […]

Give Yourself to Glitter

I found this DIY on Pinterest and it has taken over my life.  Quite literally.  Everything is now covered in glitter!  My dresser … my boyfriend … my lunch.  Seriously!  I opened my banana at work and there was glitter inside it somehow.  So make peace with your life covered[…]

Don’t Get Me Wrong

Don’t get me wrong:  I still love New York. But sometimes, I get a little homesick for suburbia.  In weird ways that you’d never imagine! For instance, I kind of miss being bored.  Having nothing to do, doing things for the fun of it.  Remember driving around town in search[…]

Sweater Weather

Through Angie at Lariats and Lavender, I found this cool list of fall-themed questions originally posted by Savannah at M A I E D A E !  I know it’s been a while – I’ve been very busy out enjoying the new season!  Like, for instance… 1. Favourite candle scent?โ€จ[…]

Currently…in November 2013

Oh man, November already?  Seems like just yesterday I was trying to remember to write 2013, and now it’s almost over!  October is my busiest month, and I know I haven’t spent as much time blogging because I have been either working or PTFO ASLEEP.  I am resolved to post[…]