If You See This Man…

…punch him in the eye. He was sitting next to me on the 3 Train this weekend, taking up the better part of three seats when one would have sufficed, wiggling around and generally having terrible train etiquette.   As the train approached 96th Street, I started to rise from[…]

Sunday Morning

Today, the world lost a rock and roll legend.  Lou Reed, frontman of The Velvet Underground, passed away at 71 years young. Rest in Peace.


Bloggers love to talk about “blogging honestly.”  But it’s impossible to blog completely honestly, because blogging is autobiographical!  You’re presenting yourself through your own eyes!  How can you be 100% positive you’re being your honest, authentic self? How am I different in real life than I seem on my blog?[…]

OkCupid, You’re Pretty Okay

Good things about going on lots of OkCupid Dates: Discovering new places around town that you might never have found on your own:  Vegetarian’s Paradise, Van Leewen ice cream, The High Line after dark, and even my beloved Mura!    Learning cool new things:  for instance, do you know what an[…]

Practice Makes Perfect

A funny phenomenon at Comic Con (hee hee that rhymed) is that people dress up.  I guess this isn’t so weird – it’s the month of Halloween, after all.  But people go ALL OUT.  And then, you walk around and take pictures of people’s costumes. Now, here’s the weird part. […]

Comic Con 2013

On Friday, I cased the joint and made myself familiar with all the booths and artists present.  On Saturday, I was dressed somewhat in costume – wearing my replica of the 4th Doctor’s scarf from Doctor Who and regular street clothes.  This resulted in getting hit on A LOT.  I[…]


One morning, a few days ago, I caught myself unable to tear myself away from the view out my kitchen window. “This is my favourite view,”  I said aloud.  And meant it truthfully. At current moment, there is loud music pouring out the door across the hall.  Clapping, live singing,[…]


It’s here it’s here!Today is the first day I am attending ComicCon!Tomorrow, expect pictures. But for today… Enjoy this crazy video that I can’t stop watching.

PSL = Pumpkin Spice LIFE

Fall is my favourite season, and Pumpkin is the reason for the season.  I can’t stress enough how much I love pumpkin everything!  But here, I’ll try: Mellowcreme Pumpkins:  Are the cutest and most perfect Halloween treat! Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks:  Celebrating ten years of making New Yorkers absolutely[…]

But First, You Pay

I recently saw something on Facebook that struck me as fascinating and out of the ordinary:  it was a debate about something other than Miley Cyrus.  Seriously, can we stop talking about shit that doesn’t matter and talk about shit that matters only slightly more?  Like the age-old question:  WHO[…]

Fallen Down A Hole…

…a hole called work. Blogtember is over, and to be honest, it feel like I have no creative juices left in me.  Just pulp.  And nobody likes pulp.  And nobody likes to admit that they are so burnt out from working constantly that they need someone to prod them with[…]


Okay, I have said it before, but this video needs to be shared! 

#45 West 12th Street

I have a crush… …on #45 West 12th Street. More than just a house It represents all I want for my future Arises like out of a dream Seems lost in time Is cool, comfortable, cozy. This is my princess castle, my mansion, my Barbie dream home Someday….

Currently…in October 2013

Feeling:  DRAINED.  I’ve been working 20-day stretches in a row with no day off.  It’s the busiest time of the year for ghost tours, and after that, it becomes the busiest time of the year for candy store. Watching:  Classic Doctor Who.  Still.  Tom Baker’s clownish sweetness is addictive! Reading: […]