Diamond Candle Giveaway!

Next month will be my five-year anniversary of living in the Big Apple!  Expect to see some changes around here, starting with MY FIRST GIVEAWAY and guys, it’s a doozy.  A Helluva Whizzbangin’ Doozy. FACT:  I love candles.  Reading, knitting, blogging by candlelight….or even those long, hot baths.  Dude.  Perfection.[…]

How To Meet an Internet Date

1.  Be first to arrive.  That way your date has to pick you out of the crowd, not the other way around.  You don’t want to be the asshole trying to peer behind every individual’s sunglasses to divine if that is the stranger you are meeting.  2.  Don’t pull any[…]

Special Delivery

Hiya, Internet!  Didja miss me? It’s been one month of radio silence from me except for the random here-and-there phone post.  Shudder!  I finally received my charge cord in the mail from the UPS!  Here’s a funny thing about the UPS:  they claim to be a delivery service, but they[…]

No Charge Cord: Week Four

Dear Outside World: It’s been four weeks without a computer.  What’s a girl to do with her time? Outside of working 6-7 days a week, I’ve been going on a lot of OkCupid dates (post about that pending when I have a computer again), watching classic Doctor Who (more posts[…]

Speaking of Saturday…

I haven’t been blogging every day and I miss it!  My computer charge cord was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but thanks to the gross incompetence of the UPS, I have to pay a convenience fee (HA!) and wait an additional week for delivery.  I have no idea how anyone[…]

The Drive-By

Today I would like to speak about a phenomenon that annoys me to no end.  I call it, “The Drive-By.” New York is a walking city, and you all know how much I LOOOOVE walking.  I would walk until my feet fall off!  I sometimes do!  Walking allows you to[…]

No Sleep Til Brooklyn Museum

On the first Saturday of every month, a magical thing happens.  No, not THAT, get your head out of the gutter.  Target sponsors Free First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum!  Going back to the museum was on my Summer To-Do list, and when the stars aligned, it was magical. The[…]

Misanthropy is the Choice for Me!

Let’s recap.  It’s been almost a week to the day since I got epically dumped.  Why am I sharing all this?  Bonnie over at Life of Bon has invited everyone to “Just Write” and to link up.  Yay, my computer is down, I’m barely able to keep up with my[…]

Don't Get Mad, Get A Cactus

So it would seem I have a type.   This is George. George is an Oreocereus celsianus, or “old man” cactus.  He’s a bit abrasive and he mostly ignores me but I absolutely dote on him.  I can hold him and twist his hair in my fingers and breathe in[…]

If I Had to Guess…

“I like your shirt,” I told my customer.  “Where did you get it?” “Guess.” I paused. “I don’t know, it’s really pretty though.” “No, guess.” “I honestly wouldn’t even begin to know where you got that shirt from, I’m sorry. “It’s from Guess.” Classic.

Scenes From The Morning I Got Dumped

21 blocks from where I got dumped In a Rite Aid A stranger states down at me from immense height. “Wow, that must’ve hurt.” Yeah “Right over the heart.” Yeah “You like pain?” It would appear so “But it goes away.  The pain.  After a while.” Yeah 38 blocks from[…]


I am, as we speak, cutting my wisdom tooth.  Again. The cashier at Trader Joe’s put it best when he said “Every six month is indescribable pain, then it goes away and you forget to deal with it.”  Basically.  In the end, though, he opted to have his pulled out[…]

Currently…in August 2013

Feeling:  Overwhelmed!  A lot is happening – my computer died (technically, it was the charger, but the computer is still rendered useless), so I’m blogging exclusively from my iPhone until I can find a solution.  My wisdom tooth is coming in, which is more painful than I can describe, and[…]