The Book Phantom

One of the coolest things about NYC is that you can always buy secondhand books (the best kind!) for next to no money almost anywhere.  Everyone knows about The Strand, which sells way below list price.  But if you’re just browsing, you can pick up a fascinating read off the[…]

Missed Opportunity

Things I Should Have Said to the Random Asshole Who Called Me a “Pale Skeleton” and “Anorexic” After Swearing At Another Random Woman, Making Kissy Noises, and Insulting Her Race: “Mind your own business.” “Watch it, loudmouth.” “Who asked you?” “Learn some respect, asshole.” “Yeah, go home and have a[…]

My First Rock Concert(s)

I’ve alluded here before to the fact that I’m nearly 29 and have never been to a rock concert.  Pause to grasp that, moving on. Last week I attended not ONE, but TWO LIVE ROCK SHOWS in 48 hours’ time.  WHAT! First, I went to a place called The Canal[…]

Currently…in July 2013

My current Facebook profile pic – I thought it was fitting! Feeling:  Thankful…(see yesterday’s vlog!) optimistic, and more than just a bit warm (NYC is having a crazy heat wave!) Watching:  My Big Brother recommended me Les Demoiselles de Rochefort, because I was looking for an old musical and apparently[…]