HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Today I turn 29! A funny thought this morning:  is it what I thought it would look like?  No, probably not.  But it’s interesting and I can’t wait for what’s next all the while I’m loving the present. Happy Birthday to me!(Wait til ya see my[…]

I Am Supergirl !!!

There used to be a saying.  It went a little something like this:  “If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Now, I think we should change the saying:  “If a blogger wears a cute outfit, and doesn’t do[…]

Why Vacation Isn’t All That

I love traveling up to Buffalo every year.  But let’s face it:  sometimes vacation sucks.  Living out of a suitcase, travel-sized bottles of toiletries, long stretches of highway where your feet fall asleep and your butt falls asleep and finally YOU fall asleep and you drool against the window of[…]


Are you guys ready to be shocked by something horrible? I found this old photo when I went back home to visit last month: Holy crap, who is that? Yup, it’s me.  Me and Charlie, partying like it’s 1999. I think that photograph actually was taken in 1999! Old Charlie[…]

What Is “Doctor Who”?

This was too cute and funny I just had to share. Watching Jeopardy!, eating Haagen Dazs out of the container (did you know it was spelled that way?  I sure didn’t!  MIND BLOWN), the Final Jeopardy category is: “British Television” Oh man, I sooooo got this on lock.  I mean,[…]


I have a theory.  On interior decorating. My theory is that you decorate your personal space the way the inside of your head looks. What? Ew. Not literally.Let’s take for example, my apartment.  My flatmate is very organized and responsible.  She is a self-described fan of modern, minimalist design.  Nothing[…]

My Baby

So I have been working on this theory that tattoos are like babies.  They’re both really delicate at first.  And both usually warrant a lot of SPF this time of year.  Well, see what I mean: Parents?Tattooed folk?Whaddaya think???

Slangin’ Tough

While I’m on vacation, I have prepared a series of vlogs (slang for “video blogs”) FYE – For Your Entertainment.  Today’s topic:  SLANG! Here are five slang words or expressions I use to season my everyday conversation.  They are delicious.  Feel free to use them.          Credit the source. First up: […]

If You Only Have Five Minutes to Live

You know those weird religious recruitment pamphlets that people slide under your apartment door?  (No, you don’t get those?  That’s weird.  Cuz yeah, THAT’S weird.)  Well, it gave me an idea: What would you do if: – you knew you only had five minutes to live? – you just found[…]

Sharing is Caring…NOT

I consider myself a very sharing person.  Therefore, I am a very CARING person.  But you have to draw the line somewhere: Are you an over-sharer?  Or do you refuse to share?  Is it weird that I don’t like sharing any of these things? “Share” in the comments!

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Hey, remember that time I did ghost tours?  I do ghost tours!  AS A JOB!  It’s basically super awesome.  And we talk about a lot of cool things on my tours.  But I like to ask my tour people if they believe in ghosts.  Sometimes I get really cool stories[…]

The Good Shit

Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought something because someone on a blog told you it was awesome.  I’m raising at least three hands right now. The way I see it, bloggy friends are like girl-friends.  If you found out about something that was awesome, you’d tell me, right?  No[…]

Summer Lovin’

You know what totally doesn’t conduct unnecessary heat?  Black plastic bandages.  SARCASM! Summer in New York City can be…less than pleasant to most.  That’s why there’s the cliche of the locals fleeing to the Hamptons.  Those with the means literally head for the hill.  Ain’t ya never seen The Seven[…]

Headphones In

In New York City, there is an accepted decorum for addressing someone on the train when they have their headphones in:  YOU DON’T. There are exceptions, of course: 1.  If they dropped something important and haven’t noticed:  a large wad of cash, their iPhone, their baby.  Anything else, LEAVE THEM[…]

Awesome Weekend-Brag

Welcome back to the other side of the weekend!  Working a non-traditional job, I have a weird concept of what a “weekend” is. Soucre:  TV Guide Nevertheless, My weekend starts on Wednesday night (like Friday night for you folks) and Saturday is my “Sunday.”  Well, this weekend I kicked off[…]

Skulls and Roses

Clutch your pearls and reach for the smelling salts, I’m doing an outfit post. Everybody liked this dress so much when I posted about it on Sunday Social/Instagram, I’m afraid it’s become a runaway hit.  I try to save it for special occasions. Like my bracelet?  I made it!  I’ve[…]

Licorice Lover

At last week’s session, I joked with my therapist that if I traveled back in time one year to give my former self a badly-needed hug, I wouldn’t recognize me.  I dress and act like a totally different person and oh yeah, I eat licorice now. Not just the lame,[…]

Done da-Done Done DONE!!!

Okay, I spent Saturday getting my tattoo finished and eating candy and napping.  Not a terrible way to spend a heat wave. Here’s the first pic – snapped by my fantastic artist Becca Roach just minutes minutes after finishing the task!  Like, “Sit up, have a look, let’s take a[…]

Being Alone

Chillin’ at the laundromat a couple days ago…I surely do miss comfy shirts! There is a difference between being alone and feeling alone.  There is a difference between loneliness and alone-ness. There is sitting in an empty apartment facing a computer screen, aimed at the television, glancing down at your[…]

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

One month ago, while trudging through what The Weather Channel described as a “severe” rainstorm to deliver a ghost tour, just hours after having the outline of my chest tattoo done, I realized that I am kind of a badass. Look at me, a year ago.  I was terrified I[…]