Spring Fever

It’s been a crazy week, folks.  It seems like warm weather and sunshine is bringing out the crazeballs in everyone.  My workweek was long but not uneventful: Late night Dylan’s Candy Bar run! instagram.com/p/YZG8QEOS7b/ — Kim Kardashian (@KimKardashian) April 22, 2013 And I am currently listening to a full-scale fiesta[…]

I Stand with Planned Parenthood

(which is to say, I mostly sat at Planned Parenthood.) As an adult woman of nearly 29 years of age, it somehow escaped me that I should see a gynecologist.  I mean, I’ve seen The Vagina Monologues – TWICE! – but I’ve never had a professional look at mine?  Okay,[…]

Loose Change into Magnets DIY

I have had a collection of fancy European coins for years.  Jingling in my drawer, bein’ all pretty, but never being fully enjoyed to their potential…until now. This is the DIY for the DIY impaired.  It’s so simple: Magnets + Household cement Onto the back of coins Let dry. Voila!

On Selfies

I’m going to put this out there with zero judgement, and only love:  I think I might hate self-portraits. Please don’t immediately click the “Unfollow” button!  I’m not condemning anyone for their self-portraits.  You guys, you professional photographers, you have amazing photo skills.  You do your hair and your makeup[…]

Parking Lot

I admit, I gripe a lot about the subway on here.  The subway and I have a love/hate thing going on.  I love the idea of getting in a tunnel and, minutes later, being MILES away.  At it’s best, it is fast, whimsical, orderly, and friendly.  LIKE ME. At other[…]

My Nest Is Best

Source: wendo.it via Alessandro on Pinterest Do you remember this book? When I was a kid, my mom read this book to me and there was a special melody to the song. One day, I caught myself thinking of my home as my “nest.”  My nest is best!  It has[…]

Currently…in April 2013

Feeling:  Congested!  I’m getting over the flu!  I worked long hours during the worst of it.  Today is my day of rest and recovery.  I’m looking forward to doing a lot of nothing, sitting in a hot bath until the water turns cold around me, dragging out my orange fleece[…]

A Peek At… The Donut Pub

Source: google.ca viaMeghan-Sara on Pinterest The Donut Pub may be my favourite Donut shop in New York City.  The irony is that I rarely buy donuts there. Not that their donuts aren’t innovative, fresh, and delicious.  No, I come to The Donut Pub for their chocolate chip cookies. Yes, I’m[…]

The Chocolate Easter Bunny Story

In lieu of sharing Christmas with my family (thanks, retail job), I shared my family’s Christmas traditions with all of you – here and here and here and here and here and here. Guess what?!  No family Easter for me either.  So here’s my family’s favourite Easter story. This is[…]

Always Take A Pedicab

I always walk through Central Park on my way to work.  Four or five days a week, at varying times, since last May.  Often enough that the pedicab drivers, who yell out and solicit every passing pedestrian, don’t really pester me anymore. Until last Monday, that is.  Two ciggie-smoking Irish[…]