The Walking Dead Google Reader

I’m the latest princess to the party, but I just started watching The Walking Dead and I’m afraid it may replace sleep.  Who needs sleep?  ZOMBIES!  And also, who can sleep?  ZOMBIES! Speaking of things that are dead-but-not-entirely-dead, Google Reader!  I’m also the last person to mourn that Google Reader[…]

A Peek At… Mura

Controversial statement in 3… 2… 1… Mura makes Brooklyn worthwhile.  Sushi is a funny animal.  Sushi lovers know that if you have some “off” sushi, it will put you off sushi for a long time.  After you’re ready to come out of sushi hiding, go to Mura.  There has never[…]

A Star Is Born – or The Thing I’ll Keep Forever

One of the topics that came up in therapy for me was my fear of making decisions.  It’s easier to back down to a safe place and go with the flow than it is to strike out and take a chance, if that chance holds unknown circumstances.  The story of[…]

Don’t Blame Me, I Was A Creative Kid

Today’s Scintilla Prompt has to do with a time you embarrassed your parents in public. So I’m just going to tell you about the time my mother picked me up from the school bus in kindergarten, attempting to wear my backpack on my legs. While wearing a skirt. There’s the[…]

How To Cook: And Instructional Haiku

Chuck it in a pan Set burner to “high” setting Wait for smell of smoke. When smoke arises,  Flip and reveal your burnt food Angrily sizzling When smoke alarm bleeps, Rescue food from kitchen fire. Buon appetito! Source: via Brandi on Pinterest

Spring Things!

1. What is your favorite thing about spring? Warm weather means more adventures!  I can’t wait to revisit some of my old favourites like Park Slope and the Upper West Side, and try new places too! 2. What is your favorite kind of flower to grow or receive? I don’t[…]

Beyond Belief

Today’s Scintilla Project prompt (I can’t believe it’s almost over waaaah!) is to write about something incredible and unbelievable.  Sorry to say, I always do and always have.  If you want, you can re-read about: …the time I pulled at the laundromat :                     “Thirty minutes later, the laundry[…]


The way I understand it, babies are sacks of goo that can erupt at any moment. That’s why we swaddle them in diapers, plug them with pacifiers and suction their noses with tiny little turkey baster things. No offense intended, I’m sure your sack of goo is just delightful. He/she[…]

Know It By Heart Beneath A Stone

Source: Uploaded by user via Meghan-Sara on Pinterest When I was fourteen, I truly believed that : “The reduction of the universe to a single being, the expansion of a single being into God, this is love. Love is the salutation of the angel to the stars. How sad the[…]

Never Turn Your Back, Not For A Second

I have referred to this incident in the past, now I will share in detail what caused me to learn the harsh life lesson “never fall asleep with your back to a stranger.” Back over Thanksgiving, I had set my mind that I was going to spend the holiday visiting[…]

Dream A Little Dream

I was 23.  I was in love.  And I was on top of the world.  Figuratively and, it seemed, literally as well.  I would drive to the top of the highest hill in my neighborhood and look down at the sleepy town below, pulling over to the curb and putting[…]

How To Meet Cute Boys On The Subway

Step One:  Follow him onto the train like the scent of a pie cooling on a windowsill.  Situate yourself where you have a perfect view. Step Two:  Stare.  Drool. Step Three:  Silently will them to look up at you.  Bore your eyes into the side of their head until your[…]

All My Chobits

Thanks to the Crazy, Tragic, Sometimes Magic Michael, I have learned about the Scintilla Project, with writing prompts.  I LOVE BEING PROMPTED.  Really, you only have to prompt me to do something and I’ll usually do it. Which brings me to today’s prompt – a time when you were drunk[…]

Currently…in March 2013

Thinking about: feeling guilty for taking a vacation from blogging every day, like I have been so good about, but between troublesome internet and troublesome personal life (and nine-hour work days), I felt creatively sapped.  Sorry!  I swear!  I felt I couldn’t touch fingers to keys without spilling out horrible[…]

Don’t Try to Copy My Swagga

Dear Sir, I appreciate your look.  Belted cinched fur coat, dirty Chuck Taylors, slouchy disaffected glare. I liked it even better when I WORE IT FIRST. Thanks ever so. Love, The Original Fierce Gangsta


Source: via Meghan-Sara on Pinterest Recent and ongoing events in my life have given me cause to reconsider keeping this blog.  I felt as though, in certain situations, my privacy was being invaded, and part of that was due (in small part) to this blog.  My mother advised me[…]

Everybody’s Talkin’ Bout How To Survive A Bus Trip

Okay, so maybe bus travel isn’t as dramatic as back when Joe Buck rode all the way to New York City to find his dreams.  But in the years since I’ve been traveling back and forth to and from NYC, I’ve been stuck in hours of traffic, rode through countless[…]

Think Pink

I have already come out of the My Little Pony closet, but today I reach a little further in to bring out something a bit embarassing – the love I have for Pinkie Pie. Look at them crazy eyes.  That there’s True Love. If you’re familiar with the show, you’ll[…]


I’ve been absent for a few days to visit my hometown.  Ah, home – where nothing ever changes but everything’s different.  I managed to meet up for coffee with an old friend, buy a completely new summer wardrobe for about $20, and nearly get kicked out of WAL*MART for running[…]

My Little Confession

I’m just going to come right out and say it:  I love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! Some of you already know of this phenomenon.  I myself once scoffed.  It’s been a while since I’ve watched any cartoons that weren’t as trippy and terrifying as Akira.  But anything is[…]