Very Superstitious

My ghost-tourists often ask me, “Do you believe in ghosts?”  I don’t like to answer because I encourage them to keep an open mind but I will admit to being fairly superstitious.  Is it even possible to be superstitious and an atheist at the same time?  Please keep an open[…]

A Peek At… Target in East Harlem

Target here in New York City is not like Target in the rest of the country.  Suburban Target is well-stocked, classy, and clean.  From past experiences in Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, I can tell you that this is not the case here. Then I heard a rumour about a[…]

Learning to Love the Cyborg Within

On the subject of irrational fears, check out this fortune cookie I received the other day: The thing in us that we fear?  I don’t know about you, but the thing I fear most is robots.  Sorry, Rosie. Source: Uploaded by user via Devin on Pinterest Yup, robots.  Specifically, very[…]

Get Creative!

This.  THIS.  Is my favourite YouTube video of all time.  I dare you to watch it to the very end.

A Peek At… Tom’s Restaurant

“What’s the deal with Tom’s Restaurant?” I’ll tell you. First of all, you may recognize the outside of Tom’s Restaurant as being the exterior shot used for the diner oft-visited by Jerry, Kramer, Elaine, and George in a little TV show they call Seinfeld. Secondly, this little Morningside Heights gem[…]

Pin Win: T-Shirt Drawer Overhaul

It is known that I have not had the best relationship with Pinterest “life hacks.”  You know, those tips that look oh-so-easy on Pinterest and work for soooo many Pinners and have cute graphics and fonts and an adorable hipster chick with winged eyeliner and a topknot smiling through the[…]

True Life: I’m Becoming a Narwhal

Let’s play an awesome game.  It’s called, What Is Eating Me Alive??? Is it: 1.  A spider 2.  Mosquitos 3.  Fleas 4.  Mysterious blood-sucking fruit flies? Or is it possible that I’m merely sprouting a magical horn from my forehead that, when ground into a poultice, will cure diseases? And[…]

Always Bring Your Own Bags to Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s has the greatest stuff.  Succulent baked tofu.  Delectable peanut butter salted caramel truffles.  And adorable hipster cashiers. I stopped in there last week for some groceries and that’s it, I swear.  The cashier-director directed me towards a tall, lithe, curly-moppped cashier with glasses.  Swoon. I placed my groceries[…]

Lou Reed on How Not To Suck

Ladies and Gentlemen, my favourite song of all time: Are you swaying in your seat? Remember:  You’re going to reap just what you sow.

On the Bright Side, There’s Always the Dark Side

If anyone has yet to see it, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil is the funniest undiscovered* TV show available on Netflix for Instant Streaming.  The show combines outrageous humour (presumably this much raunch is totally allowed in Canada) with quick dialogue.  If Season One of Buffy the Vampire[…]

You’ll Never Walk Alone…Unless You’re Into That Sort Of Thing

My hobby of taking long walks by myself has brought me to some serious realizations. Firstly, that walking helps me clear my mind.  Much like the shower, or washing the dishes, I can think most clearly when taking long walks.  By myself, with music ringing through my headphones, even while[…]

The 70’s on Sunday

If I had a time machine, I might choose any period in time to travel to – but I might travel back to the time of the 70’s on Sunday. You may have misunderstood.  The 70’s on Sunday was a weekly day-long radio show on the local oldies station where[…]

A Peek At… East Village NYC

When someone says “East Village” to me, the first thing that springs to mind is the musical Rent.  I seldom associate my favourite haunts with being in the “East Village.”  But apparently, after spending the day down there, that is just what it is! See, I had this elaborate day[…]

One in a Million

On any given day, there are literally millions of people walking the streets of New York City at any given time. Probably hundreds of them are walking Pomeranians. Waiting at the light to cross Madison at 59th Street just a little past 5:00pm, I spotted one such Pomeranian.  On this[…]

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Please, please, please.  If it’s snowing wherever you are, please post photos on your blog. Here in NYC it has been bitterly cold, with zero snow.  I am in snow withdrawal.  I hail from the land of Too Many Snow Days, and have seen barely a flake this year. Last[…]

Thanksgiving 2012!

What?  Thanksgiving?  I know I know, that was two holidays ago.  But I completely forgot to talk about it last year, so here goes. Thanksgiving this year was two days long, Thanksgiving and Christmas all in one, sandwiched between two overnight 7-9 hour bus rides. First of all, it’s not[…]

A Peek At… Nice Green Bo

I am a giving person, quick to share my heart with almost anyone.  There are three words that I’m quick to dispense to say that I place in someone my trust, my memories, and my secrets. I’m about to say those three words to you. Nice.  Green.  Bo. Source:[…]

Make the Most of Moments

… Did I ever tell you about the best date I ever went on? We met after work, at my favourite French restaurant.  We chatted so intensely for so long that the waitress grew impatient with our inability to focus on deciding what to order.  I think it took an[…]