2012: Year in Review

This massive undertaking was sparked by Brooke at Silver Lining.  Get ready for an intense retrospective of the past year in blogging and twelve giant Instagrams.  And remember – I love you.
I conquered Owego, the subway system, and one of my biggest fears.

I went as far as Inwood, Queens, and Staten Island
without a date.

I gave a tour of the ghosts of generations past, and my own past.

My bad haircut made me see red…and green…and floral print?

I loved taking a train to my favourite shops and hangouts…but fondly remembered that there’s no place like home.

There were big changes, big trips, big desserts…and little dogs.

There was bad style, high style, and Gangnam style.

I made new friends, won a new purse, decorated my new bedroom, and made even more new friends.

I found new interest in ComicCon, musical theatre, and doing my laundry.

I uncovered the truth about bad dates, recovered from Halloween, and covered myself in tattoos.

I recounted stories from Christmases past, retroactively became Employee of the Month, and began mapping out my future.

Join in if you dare!  Link up your 2012s with Brooke at Silver Lining!

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