2012: Year in Review

This massive undertaking was sparked by Brooke at Silver Lining.  Get ready for an intense retrospective of the past year in blogging and twelve giant Instagrams.  And remember – I love you. JANUARY I made grilled cheese, stupid faces, and peace with Brooklyn. FEBRUARY I conquered Owego, the subway system,[…]

Pickle Me Pete: He Fried for Your Dins

Oh, how I do love pickles.  So imagine my glee when I saw this bright beacon of brine across Bryant Park Shoppes one recent night: I could barely find words to express my joy over Instagram.  I even went out of my way to hunt them down during business hours[…]

Christmas Past

Roomie’s giant dog Toby assures me he has been good this year…and then sat on my lap. Christmas has come and gone, even though it really doesn’t feel like it.  I had a strange one this year:  I woke up at 6am, took a bath by candlelight before the dawn[…]

Christmas Traditions: With Bells On

This is me, “forcing festive” on my way to work.  Growing up, I would take the big gold bell ornaments and dangle them from my pigtails while I decorated the tree.  Jingling all the way, I’m trying to put a brave face on for this holiday. This year, I’ll be[…]

Christmas Traditions: Sing It Loud

My last Christmas gift this year arrived just in time.  Yesterday was again marred by tragedy, and although we survived the apocalypse, sometimes losing a loved one can set your world on edge.  In the big, swirling wonder of it all, the futility of life can come into question. Music[…]

2 Years

2 years ago today the world lost a beautiful, pure soul.  Love often. Forgive often. Live each day as your last. Thanks for your legacy, pal. RIP

Christmas Tradtitions: Feliz Navidad

My family can be described unfavourably as just a wee bit competitive. Take Christmas, for example.  Because someone always tries.  With the best gift, the most outrageous cookies, the most festive holiday sweater. And then, there’s the family-wide radio contest that has made me jump inside my skin whenever I[…]


I don’t want to talk too much about the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy.  It seems everyone else is doing enough of that as it is.  Talking about freedoms and beliefs, and God and Godlessness.  Let’s just remember that it wasn’t IDEAS that ripped through the bodies of over 20 adults[…]

Christmas Traditions: Cards on Yarn

Perhaps one of the strangest decorations I can remember hanging in my childhood home around Christmas time was a thick, twisted rope of red yarn. It hung in the kitchen against the wall like a clothesline, to string up Christmas cards from years and years ago, people whose names I[…]

Christmas Traditions: Fakin’ It

Christmas is kinda tough for me, y’all.  More lately than ever, I find myself Charlie Brown-ing my way through the season aimlessly.  The one upside of not going home to family for Christmas is knowing that I, unlike all you poor schlubs, don’t actually have to do any present shopping. […]

Christmas Traditions: Pour Some Festive Sugar On Me

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Christmas cookies, now would it?  This is my second post about Christmas cookies and regardless of the fact that I never find myself actually eating any (why is this?), the baking of Christmas cookies is always such an important part of having a real, family[…]

Always Stuff Your Bra

Nothing is certain in this world, least of all New York City. The only offense is a good defense. And when you’re desperate for a wee, and stoop to use a public restroom, only to find that your stall is devoid of toilet paper, you’ll be glad you have those[…]

Christmas Traditions: Doin’ It All Wrong Since…Ever

Unless you’re somehow stumbling upon this page just now for the very first time ever, you will not be surprised to hear that I am, and always have been, and oddball.  A rebel.  One who marches to the beat of my her own drum.  And I always have been. Back[…]


“That baby has been crying literally – literally – ALL DAY,”  I complain to my roommate when she comes home.  It’s maybe the fifth straight hour of screams that can’t possibly come from a human being.  Kitty-corner across the hall, she goes on for hours and at all times of[…]

Employee of the Month

I’ve been busy as a bumblebee around here and yesterday I got a huge surprise. My manager approached me with a camera and a handful of money and said “Congratulations, you’re employee of the month, I have to take your picture.” My immediate response was to blush a fantastic shade[…]


During the aftermath of Sandy, I took a few long walks to get out of the house and out of my brain.  I walked the Upper West Side and spotted a relic of the past, a dinosaur thought to be long extinct: