My Little Life

I’ve been so busy going through the days that I barely stop to think lately what I’m doing with my life. That is, I’ve been so intent on surviving that I’m hardly pausing to acknowledge how great it is. Surviving moving, long weeks, losing my voice, hurting my foot, more[…]

I Believe…

I Believe in Science.  I believe there is so much more to understand and so much more to discover.  I kinda believe one day we will unlock the key to superhuman abilities. I Believe in Playing Devil’s Advocate.  In listening to people but always pushing them to examine the motives[…]

Always Brush Your Teeth

On Tuesday, I woke up in a bit of a funk.  No, not just a funk.  Worse than a funk. As I told my coworkers at the start of my third nine-hour shift that week, I felt entombed in a granite version of myself lazily yearning to break free in[…]

Say Something

Source: via Dayle on Pinterest “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is an important announcement from the New York City Police Department.  Protect yourself.  If you see a suspicious activity on the platform or train,  DO NOT KEEP IT TO YOURSELF…” I cast a glance to my left.  There was a[…]

Always Carry A Pen

During my walk through Central Park yesterday on a rare afternoon (ish) off, I was feeling brave and free.  I had one hour to stroll to my tea-date with my roommate, and only the slightest idea where I was going in the park.  I emerged onto a familiar landmark and[…]


Imagine you get out of work, and the sun is still shining.  Imagine a cool breeze and hazy sunlight with the crisp chill of fall stinging your nose and cheeks.  Imagine taking a walk through Central Park past smiling faces, laughing children, and really REALLY cute upright bass players. Imagine[…]

Cuz I’m A Winner

True story. Whilst walking with my new roomie from BB&B (Bed, Bath, & Beyond) to DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) on the UWS (Upper West Side), we came across a mobile makeover station.  New roomie wanted to get a mini makeover, so we chowed on lollipops (the candy, I can’t escape[…]

Panty Watch 2012

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this yet.  If you follow me on Instagram @meghansara, you know that my new neighborhood has some, er, quirks.  But none are perhaps as interesting as the panties across the airshaft. I’m not a creep!  I’m not sitting by my window with binoculars[…]

Winning Friends and Influencing People

If you give your neighbor some candy, They’ll bring a bag of organic treats to your door. You’ll reciprocate by bringing Jell-O shots. They’ll invite you to a show at Webster Hall and send you home with coffee and books. Bolstered by this success, you’ll take Jell-O shots to the[…]

Nice, Like Rice

In the middle of the bassoonist upstairs practicing, and getting ready for work, this happened: Please ignore my almost-gone voice and my thumb in the frame most of the time.

Settling In

Please excuse my absence while I make my new apartment my home.  The internet has FINALLY been set up, and though it has some quirks, I am thrilled that my new home is slowly taking shape.  I haven’t forgotten about you, Blogland, I’ve just been on a hiatus!  I can’t[…]