Home is Where Harlem Is

Yes it’s true!  I got the apartment and I’m moving in this weekend!!!    This tiny bedroom is all mine. I hung my curtains and it became a sanctuary. BRAND NEW KITCHEN! Big empty living room, what’s to do? Throw a picnic to congratulate myself on being a grownup. NYC,[…]

Bad Reputation

I am getting somewhat of a reputation at work. For better or for worse, the month of August has been one of me coming even further out of my shell.  Having “lost” so much this month (and still not having anywhere to live next month, eek!), I have more of[…]

Back in the New York Groove

Last night was a little scary.  I realized at work that I have no “official” place to live in two weeks.  Long story, won’t get into details, but basically, some plans fell through and I was afraid.  Afraid that all was lost. I was thinking lately about loss.  It seems[…]

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Bonnie at Life of Bon is hosting a sweet link-up today!  And since my internet is working again, I have rejoined the world.  Now I get to pretend to rule it. First order of business, the internet always works!  How do you like me so far? Also, 24-hour laundromats.  Guess[…]

Making Peace With Zooey Deschanel

My relationship with Zooey Deschanel is troubled.  I loved her in Failure to Launch, but can’t abide 500 Days of Summer.  Not to mention she’s always copying my style:  look at the similarities here.  This is my headshot from 2009: And here is a photo of Ms. Deschanel, found on[…]

Gee, Off-Icer Cup-Kie

On my 28th Birthday, I went to work, I washed a sink-full of dishes, I made a pasta salad. But two days before… This happened: I met my friend and we acquired a Crumbs cupcake, an Insomnia cookie, and Emack & Bolio’s ice cream.  The cupcake was decapitated and hollowed[…]