Vacation Recap: Grandma & Me

I was supposed to be born on my Grandma’s birthday.  But I took a little bit longer than most to leave “home.”  Story of my life. Grandma and I both tell the same stories over and over again.  We both try to cheat at cards – only she gets away[…]

Vacation Recap: Duds the Stud

In the middle of my life falling apart, I went up to Buffalo to visit my family, as I do every year. I expected to be miserable – wallowing in sadness and loneliness the whole time. And then I met someone. My aunt was pet-sitting for the neighbor’s dog and[…]

Vacation Recap: Shuffle Off to Buffalo

Whenever I ride up to Buffalo, I feel as though perhaps I know every mile of the journey by heart.  The landmarks always come in their familiar, predictable order.  Hills and farms and forests all burned into my memory. The journey seems to take forever, but it’s really only 3[…]

Vacation Recap: Bus-y Work

Riding the bus is hella boring. Even with all the modern amenities of electric outlets, wifi, and questionable bathrooms! Passing the time is difficult. Especially when you, ahem, get stuck in traffic and your bus ride doubles in length! I like to pass the time taking pictures. Mostly self-portraits and[…]

Gonna Make It After All

So, now you know my terrible secret that I’ve been keeping for a month.  I’ve been dumped.  Surprise.  Sure was to me.  So I’m going day by day, and it’s getting easier all the time.  The trick is to stay productive. Today I made: A totally ghetto but surprisingly satisfying[…]

Don’t Mind Me…

I’m just getting a massive sunburn by my aunt’s pool on Grand Island. Coffee and paper by the pool!


I’m going to be out of town for the next week. I hope you don’t miss my brilliance too much. Leaving NYC is bittersweet every time. Whenever I come out of the Lincoln Tunnel and see it across the Hudson, I always feel like I’ve made a huge mistake –[…]

Gonna Make You Sweat

Question:  I would like someone who is a capable adult to tell me whether or not it’s okay to use deodorant everywhere.  Like EVERYWHERE. My walk from the train to work goes across Central Park + 4 additional blocks.  During that journey, I will invariably become completely drenched in sweat[…]


I see a lot of bizarre things on the subway.  I mean, you know that.  Exotic dancing toddlers.  Pop and lock squads.  Michael Jackson impersonators.  People eating soup.  That one almost takes the cake.  Speaking of food, what’s that on the floor? Why, it appears to be a lone packet[…]

Your iPhone, Your Boobs, and You

Ladies, level with me.  When you talk on your iPhone (does anyone still talk on their iPhone?), how do you NOT get it covered in yucky face guck?  I’m talking moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation, powder – every time I pull it away from my face to hang up, there’s that ewww[…]

Knit Wit – A Yarn

Quick story – Walking home from the subway last night at around 11:30, I accidentally kicked a rock into the shoes of the man walking in front of me.  Accident!  He was super bewildered and confused, looking all around suspiciously and nervously. I felt so bad I had to stop[…]

Sweetness is Sweet

Last Monday, at work, I struck up a conversation with a customer.  Like I always do.  That’s pretty much my job – welcome people and make them feel comfortable and happy.  Like a hostess at a restaurant, I guess?  Sometimes I hand out free samples, too.  Not a bad gig.[…]

Fly the Friendly Skies

Charlotte to London by meghan-sara featuring long gloves How cute is the above outfit? Now picture it on an elderly man. In an airport. Yes, about two years ago, I was flying to London following the terrible volcanoes in Iceland.  The weather was horrible.  Flights were getting delayed and cancelled[…]

Because You May Find This Pinteresting…

Real talk:  we probably all use Pinterest here, right?  Pinterest kinda bugs me.  I like having a way to store and easily find images of say, craft ideas and hairstyles and nail art.  I think it’s a fantastic idea.  However, you may have noticed that there are some insane people[…]

This Way to Happiness

The end of this month marks the end of my 28th year, and it’s about time I took some steps in a positive direction. Those of you who know me IRL know I’m having a bit of a tough time. I’m always complaining that everyone hates me, I’ll never amount[…]

Best / Worst TV Show

Source: via Ila on Pinterest Drop Dead Diva may be the most amazing show on television:  they take the most offensive, weakest premise imaginable and turn it into a charming, touching, addictive comedy/drama/law procedural.  WHAT?!? Here’s the gist:  what’s worse than dying in a car accident?  Why, BEING FAT,[…]