I Love You, Trader Joe

Once a month, we go grocery shopping.  And like everything we do, we do it COMPLETELY.  Over the top. And because I am a terrible cook: Here is why I love Trader Joe!: 1.  It’s SO CHEAP!  A month’s worth of groceries here costs what a week’s worth of groceries[…]

The Accent is on the Accent

This embarrassing true story happened to me at work a few weeks ago.  Let me preface by saying that I have somewhat of a hearing difficulty…perhaps when I can afford insurance I’ll see a doctor and diagnose the level to which my hearing has deteriorated thanks to sirens, horns, trains,[…]

Bugging Out

Confession:  we have bugs. This is New York City!  Helloooo!  Everyone has bugs…or mice…or rats…or toilet snakes!  Exhibit A: Bug seen on counter, near oh-so-precious coffee maker!!! Exhibit B: Bug seen in cupboard, near plates and SPLENDA! Exhibit C: BUG ON THE COUCH.  My Fortress of Solitude!  My Bat-cave! Needless[…]

I'm Afraid to Be Alone

I’m a little ashamed to admit that I’m afraid to live by myself.  I don’t, of course, I have Eels.  And before that, I lived with my parents.  For many, many years. Here’s the embarrassing part:  I’m afraid to be alone at night.  And I’m almost 28 years old! Take,[…]

It’s De-Lovely!

Oh Gawrsh! I’m tickled pink to be nominated for the One Lovely Blog award! Being able to snootily call myself a “blogger” is it’s own reward, but making connections with all of you guys is also pretty great. Speaking of which, the lovely Kassie Nichole from Ginger Flair nominated me,[…]

What A Card!

Is there anything better, on these hot, balmy days of summer, than… …sitting inside in the air conditioning and playing card games? I think not. Who needs the outdoors?  Besides, card games are portable!  If you wanted to, you could…play them in a tent!  In a cabin by a lake! […]

Happy Father’s Day

This series of thoughts just flitted through my panicked brain, in the precise following order: “Wait, Father’s Day is THIS WEEKEND?” “That means it’s TOMORROW!” “I bought my card a MONTH ago and it’s still in my suitcase!” “I was going to NAIL this holiday and I MISSED it!” “The[…]

Homestyle Cures

Here’s a big surprise:  I’m a massive hypochondriac.  Surprise!  I’m constantly running up imaginary fevers, contracting unexplainable bruises, and dying of a myriad of cancers.  It’s mostly all in your head, isn’t it?  Insert some witty observation about our own perception being the only possible filter so we lack objectivity[…]

Shop Like An Adult

It might be a sign that you’re becoming an adult when you go shopping and instead of buying  THIS: or THESE: you simply buy 14 PAIRS OF SOCKS. Well… maybe not TOO much of an adult: “These?  Well, one does want a hint of color.”Nathan Lane as Albert Goldman, The[…]

May I Have A Word, Please?

WORD GAMES WORD GAMES WORD GAMES! For anyone who delighted in studying for the SAT Verbal section, is there anything better than word games? Apples to Apples Source: Uploaded by user via Chelsea on Pinterest If you haven’t played this game yet, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?!  Seriously?  Under a rock[…]

Oh, My…Seeing Stars

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” – Oscar Wilde

Little Touches of Home

During my whirlwind trip to Upstate NY for a dentist appointment/birthday party this weekend, I noticed how much I missed and adored the tiny details of my childhood home that remain constant.  Looking like a weirdo, photographing all these close-up photos…which may do nothing for you, but for me, they[…]