Falling In Love Again

This is a photo of me from January 2011. The last time I enjoyed acting. Or so I thought. I’ve said before that it’s hard to get excited about acting anymore.  There just isn’t a lot of interesting work being done, at least as far as I have seen.  All[…]

Not Dead

Trust, I have been WAY busy this week. Follow my FourSquare account if you don’t believe me! I am entertaining an out-of-town visitor! I started a new job! But don’t worry… I’ve been taking pictures…

Fifty Shades of Green

Since apparently the surest course to fame is erotic fan fiction, I have decided to tackle the subject myself.  And you, my loyal blog followers, get to have the first preview.  Enjoy. Fifty Shades of Green Chapter Three – Argh! My eyes widened in fear, my breath caught in my[…]

Awesomely [BAD] Movies

Okay, so I’m gonna level:  I have been having what Eli has cheerfully described as “a string of bad luck.”  I lost my mind in an interview, left my keys at home by mistake this morning, and of course, there’s the haircut!  Overworked, Underslept, I could do with some escapism. […]

True Life: Bad Haircut

There are worse things in life. Far, far worse. But maybe the stress of juggling jobs, eating too many meatless corn dogs and too much Speculoos, and PMS made me go a little crazy today… While getting a trim, I tried to communicate what I wanted to the stylist and[…]

Little Red Lighthouse

You guys, I hate to whine, but life is a mess for me right now.  Everything is up in the air, nothing is for certain, and it’s all new and scary.  I’ve been working so much there’s scarcely been a moment to myself.  Whine, whine, whine. So yesterday, instead of[…]

New York is Like a Box of Chocolates

New York City is like a patchwork quilt: there’s a little bit of everything mixed in EVERYWHERE. Little, ancient castles squished between modern, glass office buildings. Humble drugstores crouching in the shadow of centuries-old churches. Bicycle rickshaws darting between slick black town cars. Pedestrians in 5-inch heels pushing strollers through[…]

Addicted to Pugs

Man, today was ROUGH!  I woke up with a headache, fever, the WORKS!  I’m not entirely up to speed, but one thing that always makes me feel better and indeed, is helping turn about a swift recovery, is PUGS. Source: Uploaded by user via Meghan-Sara on Pinterest I consider the[…]

Bronx Zoo – The Zoo of Your Dreams

New York City is the city of dreamers…why should the zoo be any different? Like this bear, who dreams of being taller! And the peacock, who dreams of being revered.  Look at this pose! The mouse who dreams of a nose job…poor mousey. The snake, who dreams of being a[…]

Joie de Vivre!

This month’s mantra is: Joie de Vivre (French) noun enthusiasm, zest, gusto, ebullience, joy, relish, enjoyment, gaiety, joyfulness, depression, apathy, distasteFrom TheFreeDictionary.com It’s free.  It’s FREE!  Whether times are tough, or not, if you can enjoy yourself, you’ll get by.I’m trying to remember that, and to always look on the[…]