Awards Season

Please forgive me for being tardy to the party – awards season always seems to slip by me – but I’m finally back into a good swing and I am taking charge and taking this on RIGHT NOW! Earlier this month were the Enchanted Blog Awards… Rules: ♥If you have[…]


Perhaps it’s a sick hobby, but I adore people-watching.  Birds all look the same.  People are amazing.  We’re frail and guarded and vulnerable and stoic.  Never more so than on the subway.  It’s such a bizarre conceit:  we’re all crammed together, sometimes so tightly that we touch, but we’re bound[…]

A Peek At… Malu

I’ll give you a topic:  Long Island City is neither in Long Island, nor is it much of a city.  Discuss. While you’re fighting that one out, I’m going to hop on a Queens-bound R train and GO to Long Island City for some ice cream from Malu! If I[…]

Life’s A Beach

In the best possible way!  Like, for instance, you could be walking through a random, industrial part of Queens and suddenly find yourself on a tiny beach overlooking Manhattan.  WHAT?  WHY?  I don’t know.  Just let it in.  Enjoy it.  And take pictures! I mean, after all, who knows how[…]

A Peek At… Emack & Bolio’s Ice Cream

When Zagat rates you #1 Speciality Dessert in NYC 5 years in a row, you do not escape notice. Yet, tucked away on First Ave on the Upper East Side, Emack & Bolio’s ice cream shop stays grounded and true to their roots. Upon confessing that it was our first[…]


I have a fear of losing control. I have a fear of being helpless. I have a fear of not having my feet firmly on the ground. No, literally!  I hate being suspended, or hovering, or not being able to see my safety net.  It’s terrifying!  Gusseted by my brave[…]

Let me take you down, cuz I’m going to…

Visiting Strawberry Fields in Central Park is a religious experience. I’ve been thinking a lot about life, and how simple it all really is. I’m not a philosopher, or a psychologist – you may say, I’m a dreamer – but I have this new theory that I’ve been working on. […]

Feast Your Eyes on Hand of Man (Owego, NY)

Just over the “new, historic” bridge traversing the mighty Susquehanna River into Owego is the River Rose Cafe, sharing a building with what just might be the most visually stunning shop I’ve ever been in – Hand of Man. They sell every beautiful thing you could imagine.  Jewelry!  Christmas ornaments! […]

A Peek At… Riverow Bookshop (Owego, NY)

A bibliophile’s dream is to wake up at Riverow Bookshop. Located across from the mighty Susquehanna River, Riverow Bookshop was one of those hardest hit during the September flooding in Owego.  But you’d never know it by the way they have retained their absolute charm and serenity.  And Christmas decorations:[…]

Oh We Go – Owego!

If I couldn’t live in New York City, I think I could be happy in Owego, New York. This plucky small town just recovered from a devastating flood less than six months ago that put most of the town and everything I visited underwater. The Susquehanna River, and future site[…]

Sunsets in Central Park

My favourite type of day is a rainy day. My favourite time of day is dusk. When their forces combine, something enchanting and truly beautiful happens: I love how proud these bears look! Every bridge in Central Park is so unique and beautiful! Our adventure awaits To the west To[…]

Takin’ It To The Seats

There is an epidemic of rudeness on the A train whereby people – hell, MEN – take up more than one seat by deliberately spreading their legs apart. This is just NOT OKAY.  Some of them may not be aware that they are doing it, while others…well, they must relish[…]

A Peek At…Sprinkles Cupcakes

I had heard tales that Sprinkles cupcakes, originally out of LA, were the best cupcakes one could buy in New York.  Better than New York cupcakes?  I could scarcely believe it.  I didn’t want to believe it!  But how could I turn down cupcakes?  Answer:  I can’t. And neither should[…]

Firsts and Seconds

Today I did some things for the first time. And some for the second time. I found Grimaldi’s famous pizza restaurant for the first time…and will definitely have to return for a second time (and a third, and a fourth!)  I started a fight with some shadowy figures… For the[…]

Broadway Beats the Blues

Petula Clark once said “when you’re alone and life is making you lonely you can always go…downtown.”  I’ve also heard them say the neon lights are bright on Broadway.  So I hit the pavement in search of adventure to shake the funk I’ve been in lately. See?  This is the[…]

First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum

Consider this the exciting conclusion of my King’s County Trio of posts:  the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Flea, and finally, Target First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum. After 5:00 on the first Saturday of every month, our beloved Target hosts a fabulous free event at the museum.  And much like[…]

A Peek At…Brooklyn Flea

Brooklyn Flea is smart. When the weather gets cold, they move indoors!  And I’ve been waiting to visit until I could see their gorgeous indoor location. See what I mean? Almost anything you can imagine, you can find here.  Quirky dice, vintage clothes, records, vintage glasses, and tons and tons[…]

Winter Garden

I have never been to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden until today!  And what better time to visit an outdoor plants exhibit than February? Next door to the Brooklyn Museum, in my new favourite neighborhood PARK SLOPE (I think), the botanic garden must surely be a sight to see in the[…]

Beat Poetry, OR the Ravings of an Unstable Lunatic?

Endless coverup of the Ponzi scheme Look at this white trash prostitute putting on airs. Welcome to the Ponzi scheme Carrot cake Carrot cake for your girlfriend Gail And Susan and Ellen and the whole coven of white trash prostitutes. Ponzi scheme Source If you guessed “Ravings”, you’d be 100%[…]

Blogs and Lovin’

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