Downtown to Chinatown

So once a week, my friend Connie and I get together under the noble banner of seeing more of this great city we are so fortunate to live in.  When in reality, we just take tons and tons of Instagram photos.  The plan was to walk downtown, to visit Park[…]

Put A Little Britain in Your Life

I love British television.  It’s bold, smartly written, and short.  You can watch an entire series in the span of an afternoon!  And loads of it is available to watch instantly on Netflix!  If you’re ready to take the leap and try some new shows, but aren’t sure where to[…]

Non-traditional Traditional Grilled Cheese

This is pretty much the only thing I will stoop to cook for myself., because it is so easy, fast, and incredibly delicious!  All you need is: 2 slices of your favourite bread Cheddar cheese – as much or as little as you want! Gulden’s or your favourite brown mustard[…]

Snow Day!

Today we had our first *real* snow!  That one before Halloween was a fluke and everyone knows snow before November is NOT SNOW!  We woke up to a veritable winter wonderland!  Fluffy flakes falling so dense and fast they obscured the bridge and the view of New Jersey: And it[…]

Brooklyn, You’re OK

 “I like the island Manhattan Smoke in your pipe and put that in!” – Stephen Sondheim, West Side Story (cut him some slack, there’s not a lot that rhymes with Manhattan, okay?) If you know me at all, you know the disdain I have for Brooklyn.  Not PEOPLE FROM Brooklyn. […]

A Peek At…the American Museum of Natural History

Sometimes, surrounded by tall buildings and crazy people, it’s hard to even remember that nature EXISTS, beyond Central Park.  Luckily, right along the park is the American Museum of Natural History! I had no idea, but Eli LOVES planetarium shows.  Oh, that was amazing!  Makes you feel so small, and[…]

Remember the time I got hit on by a cop?

You may think it ironic, seeing as how i love Law & Order so much, but i have a deep fear and loathing of cops. It’s not personal, i’ve just never had a good conversation with a cop before! Also, my somewhat anarchist tendencies leave me with mistrust for authority.[…]

A Peek At…Alice’s Tea Cup

Telling the masses about Alice’s Tea Cup causes me consternation. Do I really want more crowds fighting against me for the scones? Ah, I suppose I will allow it. Alice’s has THREE locations!!!  I’ve been to two, and two out of three ain’t bad.  One just blocks from the Natural[…]

Gimme Color

The new year has started off drab, drab, drab. Look, I’ve either been sick at home in grey cotton T-shirts or in my all-black work uniform!!! I had a craving today for color and excitement, and I definitely got what I needed. Starting with my nails!  On the left hand: […]

Something I Adore

I was racking my brain all day on this one, then it hit me on the walk home. I actually went three blocks out of my way to get some of these shots- in 20 degree weather!!! So sue me.  I adore living in New York City.  I adore being[…]

New Year’s Fail

Everyone around me is talking about resolutions, these inspiring ways they plan to change their lives for the better, amazing goals to turning their lives around in 2012. I’m not going to do that. Listen, I know myself pretty well (all my life, in fact) and I cannot keep long[…]